Sunday, August 21, 2011


On my Granny Ida's 100th birthday, 100 ways I can be more like her.
(I sure do miss you Gran!)

1. Everytime someone walks in my door, give them something to eat or drink.
2. Laugh at myself.
3. Remember every one of my loved ones' birthdays. Every year.
4. Make everyone I know feel like they are the most special person in the world, because they are.
5. Play dominos with friends and family at my kitchen table.
6. Put my hope in the Lord.
7. Age gracefully.
8. Feed the birds.
9. Practice what the said was her mission in life: "I was put on this earth to take care of others."
10. Love my neighbor as myself.
11. Pray in the day, pray in the night.
12. Pray Psalm 91 for those I love.
13. Take pictures of everyone, lots of pictures.
14. Eat small portions.
15. Never say a negative word about anyone.
16. Focus more on making my home welcoming than making it perfect.
17. Allow kids to make mudpies in my backyard.
18. Keep my promises.
19. Love unconditionally; love the unlovable.
20. Crack jokes just to lighten the mood.
21. Even through the toughest of times, believe that God is near.
22. Make my bed everyday.
23. Plant a garden.
24. Learn to make a sumptious pot of brown beans.
25. Live by old fashioned values.
26. Hold on to stories from my past and share them with others.
27. Each and every day of my life, look at is as a day that the Lord may return.
28. Fill my house with pictures of loved ones.
29. Fill my heart with the word of God.
30. God first, with family a close second.
31. Be the magnet that pulls my family together.
32. Plant flowers from seed.
33. Delight in God's creation.
34. Flash my smile.
35. Laugh with those who laugh.
36. Weep with those who weep.
37. Let there never be a number of people that is too great to come into my house.
38. Be humble.
39. Trust in the Lord with all my heart.
40. Make my house a really fun place for kids to be.
41. Say "I love you" often and with tenderness.
42. Bless the name of Jesus.
43. Hem people's clothes for them and make quilts to keep people warm.
44. Never, ever complain.
45. Have an open door.
46. Don't get upset when things get broken.
47. Never be too busy for friends and family.
48. Take care of an abandoned animal that needs some TLC.
49. Go to church on Sundays.
50. Tithe.
51. Never get tired of serving.
52. Be thankful for what I have, don't covet what others have and be content with my lot in life.
53. Drink milk.
54. Perpetuate tradition.
55. Put things on my head just to make others laugh.
56. Work with my hands and love with my heart.
57. Let bitterness have absolutely NO place in my life.
58. Be joyful in all things.
59. Recognize the great things that God has done for me and be grateful.
60. Never think I'm too good for anyone.
61. Give to those in need, even when I don't have much.
62. Give my loved ones memorable nicknames.
63. Radiate peace.
64. Think about heaven far more than I do about earth.
65. If you are my friend, you may as well be family.
66. Find the humor in life and don't let go of it.
67. Never say an unkind word to my spouse.
68. Live with the belief that to live is to die and to die is gain.
69. Love and sing old hymns, loudly. Even when my hearing goes. Let it rip!
70. Call loved ones on their birthdays and leave them long messages.
71. Sing until I can sing no more.
72. Teach my kids and grandkids to sew and cook.
73. Treat every possession with great care.
74. Wash dishes by hand.
75. Don't forget to water my indoor plants.
76. Be a cheerful housekeeper.
77. Be obedient to God's call and never, ever, feel sorry for myself.
78. When in doubt, bake a cake.
79. When people think they are coming to encourage me, encourage them more.
80. Don't get caught up in the cares of this world.
81. See Jesus in others.
82. Love, love, love the little children.
83. Support my pastor.
84. Live by the words of "How Great Thou Art."
85. Work tirelessly.
86. Even in loss, bless the name of God.
87. Say "hey Lord! I can't make it through this day without ya!"
88. Shine your faith to everyone you know.
89. Epitomize inner beauty.
90. Have mercy on others.
91. Have NO FEAR. Of anything, for God is watching over me.
92. Accept the jobs that God has given me.
93. Humor is the best medicine.
94. Feed the masses.
95. Give thanks, 24/7.
96. Worship the Lord with my life.
97. When hurting, just say... "joy and peace."
98. Embrace each and every day on earth, but look forward to heaven.
99. Make the years count.
100. Live to be a healthy and vibrant 99 years.