Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Choose Your Blog Post Title

I have thought on today's post for a long time and have considered several different post titles....

Watch Out Carterville, Illinois.... Here We Come! 
Stepping Forward in Faith
A New Life in Illinois
This Is How Much I Love My Husband
Thank you Barry Hinson
The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives
There's No Place Like (Okla) Homa.
Moving is Hard
Moving Sucks
Warning: Don't Marry a Coach
I Have No Friends
I Have No Friends and Neither Do My Kids
I Have No Friends and Neither Do My Kids and They Are Driving Me Crazy

:) But seriously, couldn't it be any of those titles? I could use any of those titles accurately - each one has a story to tell. 

It all depends on attitude. 

And as for me, I will tell you early on my attitude record wasn't been so good.  But God has given me the ability to choose and continue to choose towards the top of that list.  Some days I will most certainly feel low on the list... 

maybe lower than I've gone here. Questioning God. Lonely. Confused.  

But I know that attitude, like love, is not always a feeling.

 It is a choice to say that God is with us. He is guiding us. He loves us and has the perfect timing and plan for our family. He wants to use us and work in our hearts. And if that is in Illinois, then so be it!!! God has never let me down. I give Him praise for His awesomeness and complete control of every detail of this universe. His ways are higher than mine. And THANK YOU LORD. I  am looking forward to what You have in store for the Hankins family and am so grateful for everything.

And maybe now, I have found my blog post tile: 

I Am So Grateful!!!