Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I Have Been Doing With My Life Lately

I was once a teacher. A high school English teacher.

8 years in the trenches at a public high school gave me a pretty good idea of the way teachers and other employees in the educational arena are compensated.

So when the opportunity came available for me to head up "Teacher Appreciation Week" at my kids' elementary school, I guess some psychological factor came into play and I determined to make it a week they wouldn't forget-not one of the 220 of them (including faculty AND staff. Everyone. From principals to cafeteria workers.)

So I, along with an army of helpers, did it up good, reeeeeeeeaaal good.

The theme of the week was JEE Faculty and Staff: you ROCK!

And that simple theme went a long way.

We designed t-shirts (sold over 500):
We made signs and other fun stuff to hang around the school:Home room parents designed a personalized star for each classroom teacher to be hung on her door:The teachers' lounges were decorated according to the decades: (50's)
(60's):(70's):(80's):(2000's) - the ilounge -The kids colored guitars which were hung everywhere:We served them food everyday! Monday was Pizza and Pepsi, Tuesday was breakfast.
(got enormous donations from Quik Trip, Panera Bread, Mimi's, Ferrell's Family Bread, Oil Capitol Limousine and many others)
Cool guitar donuts from OK Country Donut ShopOn Wednesday, homeroom moms provided snacks. Tons of them.
And Clary Sage provided massages for two hours for our rock stars.Here are some teachers at the BBQ luncheon on Thursday.
A live band played. (Acoustic Freight Train)Friday, 8 lucky winners were chosen to go to lunch in a limo. They were picked up and whisked away to the Garlic Rose. Here is one of my very good friends who just happened to be chosen to attend!!Although I had TONS of help, this job really did consume me the last couple of months. But it was truly an honor and pleasure to serve all those people who do what they do everyday and get so little back from a worldy standpoint. I am officially retiring from this job, but I am very glad I got a chance to do it. And now I'm glad it's over!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Why She is the Princess of Hearts (part two)

Sometimes, Ellie cries at things that others don't.

She often notices an emotion in someone else that no one else does.

Occasionally, at night, she'll tell me she can't sleep because "my heart is telling me something."

And when she's happy, well, she's very very happy. Everyone knows it.

She also recognizes that she's different than her family members and wonders why she is the way she is. Well, I for one, understand. I've shared with you my lifelong struggle with my emotions. Unfortunately (and fortunately) I get it.

So what I always tell her is that she has a big heart. It's so big, I explain, that it has a bigger chance of getting touched, feeling pain and experiencing joy than someone else might. It's why I call her the Princess of Hearts.

The Princess of Hearts touches my heart every week (read here for a previous mention), and I wanted to share her thoughts.

While eating at the kitchen counter, she was looking at a piece of mail that we had received from Compassion International. The pictures showed several children of varying ages who were obviously living in dire poverty. She studied the picture intently, asking questions and then growing quiet. Finally, with a sad look in her eyes, she started pointing to the children one by one, saying, "mom, it's so sad because THIS one, he could be a veterinarian. This tall boy might have been a basketball player. And she, mom, this little girl, she might have been able to be a doctor. But, they don't have a chance to do it!" I wish you could have seen the look in her eyes.

On another Princess of Hearts note, you can definitely see the adoration and happiness on her face as she "met" Nana and Papa's new dog, Rocco!!! It was true love at first sight!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Almost Forgot To Blog Easter!

It was too fun to leave it off the blog.
So... here goes! (In Baloney rhyming fashion)
Bunny feet
Pinata Easter basket full of treatsLuke is trying to steal a kiss...Ellie busted open the Easter pinata - just like this!Isn't Maggie sweet?Cookies are a treat - Dying eggs with our cousinsA colorful and pretty dozen
Eggs that fight...This egg won't bite.Uncle Rex and Ana after dinnerPapa was the big quilt winner!!!Wow, what a handsome sight!A peaceful moment without a fightEverybody in your places...Off to the Easter Egg races!The raw egg toss traditionis definitely worth a mentionDon't let that egg fall!

Jesus is Risen and Lord of all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fabulous, Fit and Forty

My dear friend who lives in the tiny town of Thomas became my friend 20 years ago when we became Kappa sisters. We have had some times over the last 20 years, if you know what I mean. Some unforgettable, laughter filled, memory making, God inspired, silly to the max moments, all precious to us!

Our fortieth birthdays were just a few days apart, so we decided to throw a party for ourselves and invite some of our oldest friends.

Girls, do not be too shy to have your own party. It was fantastic! Here was the invitation:

20 years ago,
we were focused on the two L's...
Love and Labels.
Our friends helped us spot the knock-offs. Now as we turn forty,
we need you to help us focus on being
fit and fabulous!
Come celebrate our birthdays with us!!

Please join us for any and all of this fun-filled day...

1:00 Sky Fitness Hip Hop Class
wear your workout clothes for an awesome hour with our female instructor who is going to show us how to move! Anne and Kerry decided it is high time we learn how to shake it like Beyonce. If nothing else, come laugh at us!!!

2:00 Weights, Sauna, Steam Room, Showers
bring your makeup and clothes because after our workouts, we will relax in the steam room and get ready for the rest of our day. Sky provides towels and hair products. Don't be shy; it will be fun, and you won't want to miss it!

4:30 Manicures at Nail Image
As you know, exercising your great style is just as important as working out!!! Come join us for complimentary manicures. How can you say no to that?

7:00 Dinner at the Brassiere Restaurant on Brookside
Ooh La La! This is the premiere French Restaurant in town! We will have lots of laughs and a great dinner, so BE THERE!

After Dinner: Turn your girls' day out into a girls' night out!

We have spent so many times like this with you in the past that we didn't want any more time slip by before we do it again. We would love for you to join us for the entire day, but if you can only make it for part of the day, that is great too. Just RSVP and let us know what part of the day you will attend so we can make the necessary accomodations.
We can't wait to see you!!

That explains the day, and the pictures will explain how much fun it was to see friends from who life has dragged us away. A few I haven't seen in YEARS. How wonderful it was to catch up!! And were we sore the next day from our hip-hop class, which by the way was hilarious.