Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rock On

I know. I know.

I'm slacking off on my blogging. I miss blogging and I miss your blogs. I will get back on the blogging circuit, I'm predicting, after Appreciation Week is over at my kids' elementary school. I have been working night and day (along with an army of awesome volunteers) to put in place a ROCKIN' Week - that's our theme, anyway. Rock and Roll. I cannot WAIT to post how the week turns out. Look for that in late April!!!! I will be rockin' the blog that week!!!

On another Rockin' note, my cousin, my sweet and awesome cousin, is turning 50. So, in honor of her, we threw her a 50's Surprise Party!!!! And was she surprised....We all dressed up for the occasion. Kami, wearing the white jumpsuit below, dressed as Elvis, but Granny, who loves get ups and disguises, snagged the wig and the sunglasses with sideburns, making for a pretty laugh-worthy moment.
Here is the King herself, waiting for Ronda to arrive.And I had to get in on the Elvis action. This Velvet Elvis actually belongs to my mom, though she does not, I repeat, does not, have it hanging in her home.Here is Ronda getting ready to blow out her candles,...And the boys? Ahem. They liked the records. Mom and Granny....
Me and my friend Chere'. She is much better dressed than I am.
Thanks for reading... and until next time, ROCK ON!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Lied

We had another Spring Break outing besides our adventure at Redbud Valley.

I didn't mean to lie. It was an accident (as Luke says).

On Friday, we took a couple friends and went to the new, hands-on, children's museum in town, called Kaleidoscope.The kids had a good amount of fun. It is really nice to have a place like this here in town... when the girls were little, we traveled all the way to Enid to Leonardo's. And of course, back then, it was all new and wonderful and exciting (even for me). So, 5 years later, our trip to Kaleidoscope was fun, but kind of muted fun for our grown up little 8 and 10 year olds. It did provide for many cute photo ops, and for me, that's what it's about anyway, getting the pic! Forget the fun, give me the pic. Just kidding of course, but I will admit there are times that I have to back off the photo thing, stop brainstorming on blog post titles, and just enjoy myself! Their very favorite part? The rock climbing wall. Luckily for me, free rock climbing started at 5:00, so they climbed over and over for the last 45 minutes of our time there. A pretty good deal considering I paid two dollars apiece for one climb earlier in the day. So all in all, it was a fun time, but I have to admit another thing: I was a little bit jealous when I read Amanda's blog post about her trip to the Houston Children's Museum, WOW.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tulsa Treasure

Our Spring Break was different this year... the last few years we have been out of town at a basketball tournament, so it almost seemed strange to be at home with nothing to do. But do you know what I liked about it?

We were at home with nothing to do.

So, truth be told, we actually did nothing much... lots of days at home with friends or just hanging out with family.

The one outing we went on is what I am highlighting in today's blog post: Redbud Valley.
Redbud Valley is a nature preserve that lots of Tulsans don't seem to know about. It is near Catoosa, and is a place that I first explored when I was a little girl. If you like a good nature hike, Redbud Valley is absolutely beautiful and a fun walk. The Main Trail is about a mile long and isn't for sissies. It's steep, rocky and what Luke called "a great place for boys." There are other forks to go on, such as the Woodland Trail and the Prarie Trail, and my kids can't wait to get back out there and walk on the rough and challenging Bluff Trail.

It's hard to describe the beauty of the place, the habitats you see on your hike differ so much... so here is an explanation from the website:

The habitat here was created where Bird Creek and its tributaries cut through a thick limestone layer. This has formed valleys edged with tall limestone cliffs. The limestone, in turn, has been dissolved by water to create several small caves and springs. Where the tall cliffs face north, they shade the area from sun and keep it cool and moist. This special combination allows plants like ferns, Columbine and Dutchman's Breeches to grow, and shelters native Oklahoma Sugar Maples. Many of the plants in this habitat are more common in the Ozark Mountains to the east. On top of the limestone, however, the soil is thin and dries quickly, allowing plants like yucca and two species of cactus to flourish. There are also many plants here common on the prairies to the west. One tree of interest found here is the Smoke Tree, Cotinus obovatus. The combination of the dry and moist habitats, existing side by side, gives Redbud Valley its special character. The weather was absolutely perfect the day we (Me, my kids, a friend, and Gran Carolyn- Tom's mom) visited... clear, fresh and comfortable, like a gift from heaven. The terrain wasn't too muddy and there weren't that many bugs around yet. The only regret we had was that the Redbuds didn't seem to be blooming yet.... here at my house, they are in full bloom, but things were still pretty drab in the valley. Below is a peek of the purple blooms to come... and click here to see a previous trip to Redbud when the trees had leaves and the browns were green.

Or better yet, go for a visit yourself! You will discover quite a treasure!

(Check hours of operation and directions on the website)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Wise Gal

When Ellie was cast as a "wiseguy" in Fellowship Bible Church's musical focusing on the life of Daniel, we all had a good laugh.

Ellie has been a wise one ever since she's been a little bittle - always cracking us up with comments that seem way ahead of her time.

At 2 years, she would yell "privacia" at us when she wanted us to get out of the bathroom.
At 3, she described something as "smokin' hot."
At 4, when she was cold, she told us she was "freee-ee-ee-ee-zin her beak off" (a quote from the movie Ice Age, I think.)

And so it goes. She constantly says the funniest things and always nails the context of the comment perfectly.

(just wish I'd written some more down from when she was little!)

Definitely NOT a trait inherited from me. I am pretty slow and not witty whatsoever.

Anyway, she is a true delight to us and brings lots of light to our family.

But she was wise in a different way this time. During a basketball game at the state tournament, I found her making the beginnings of a list she called...

"100 things I want to do in my lifetime."

Here are the first Ten....Translation:
1) Go to a Harlem Globetrotter game.
2) Go to the Bahamas.
3) Meet a dolphin. (I just Love the word "meet" in that sentence).
4) Sky Dive
5) Be on a Major Soccer Team.
6) ME find my OWN arrowhead.
7) Go camping with my family only.
8) Go skiing.
9) Always agree with my family. (this one is a work in progress - not easy for the little, wise one)
10) See a baby tiger.

My prayer for the ever sharp Elle Belle?
Proverbs 3:7
That she will not be wise in her own eyes; that she will fear the LORD and shun evil.

Friday, March 13, 2009

He Really Does Have Strep Throat

Tuesday, when I picked Luke up from school, I could see 50 yards away from him that something was not right. And when I got a good look at the kid, he appeared to have been hit by a Mack Truck. We drove directly to the pediatrician and my diagnosis was confirmed: strep.

I brought him home and deposited him on the couch where he literally did not budge for about 22 hours. Finally, Wednesday afternoon he started acting a smidge like himself, but still had a fever and ate next to nothing. Thursday... the gusto returned, but the strep breath (have you ever smelled it?) and low grade fever were still present.

So what I have on my hands today (Friday) is Luke in all his Lukeness with the added element of NO SCHOOL! I know it is even more exciting since his sisters had to go to school! AND HE IS HOME FREE!!!

One discovery we have made during this time is RedBox - those red vending machines of movies. I have noticed them for sometime, but never really paid attention. This time, I tried it and in the last 3 days, we have made several trips to Redbox, getting oh, probably 7 movies... for a grand total of 7 dollars. Now that's a deal! (just can't forget to return them within 24 hours or you have to pay another dollar per movie).

Below is our latest trip to Redbox. I had to laugh as I took my poor, "sick" son to pick out a movie. Apparently, it took a hybrid of Batman and Bible man, with a cowboy gun and some kind of PVC Pipe weapon thrown in to wrestle the evil Red Box free of Luke's coveted videos.

Luke, in case you're wondering, is BACK! Full Force.

Just in time for Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Annie Needs...

I've seen this on blogs before but never taken the time to do it myself. So, when I was tagged by Rena, I decided it was high time.

My instructions were to type my name and the word “needs” in the Google search and then list the first ten responses that make sense.

There is definitely a theme going in most of my answers.
Warning: It ain't pretty.

1) Annie needs a spanking. (I kid you not - this was the first thing that came up)
2) Annie needs prayers. (oh yes I do - keep 'em comin')
3) Annie needs to release a live album. (God help us all)
4) Annie needs a home. (there were several of these... I guess there are lots of poor, little, orphaned dogs named Annie)
5) Annie needs the basics. (uh-huh!)
6) Annie needs a miracle. (everyday.)
7) Annie needs some advice. (do you see the theme yet?)
8) Annie needs more students like Jack H. (whoever he is, I hope he's a good student)
9) Annie needs to be rescued by the armed forces. (save me!)

and finally.... the be all and end all thing that I need...

10) Annie needs Jesus. (And that's the Blessed Truth. Amen)

Tagging: Chere, Shannon, Kim, Amanda, Amber, Jonni Valerie, Michelle, and Roxanne

(if you've done this already, just ignore me! Lord knows I'm just a poor woman who needs a lot of help anyway.)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Birthday Bliss

Well, the Big Day has come and gone.... and it's official..... I am part of the 40 and over club.

I get to check that little box that says 40-49 now.

I'm fine with it. What? I AM! I really am!

And if y
ou don't think I am... just listen to what happened to me for my 40th birthday.

Courtesy of an amazing Mom and Sis, I had...

40 Fabulous Days of Fun,
Family, and Friends.
Starting January 24th, (40 days before my 40th), I got something everyday from a different loved one in my life! Here is the calendar that gave me a hint of what was to come each day such as "This Friend will Rock your World" or "Expect a Sweet Treat Today"

So over the last 40 days, I have received among other things...
-an awesome scrapbook from a long-time friend

-cutie patootie notecards, stationary and notepads

-a care package from a faraway friend
-GC for manicure/pedicure
-green tea!
-a specially made bracelet that represents different parts of my life

-gift cards galore (Jamba Juice, Perfect Touch, J. Spencer, Hideaway)

-lunch with a friend at the Wild Fork
-dinner with a friend at Red Rock Canyon

-homemade goodies from a dear friend
-breakfast at Panera with an old friend

-roses from Granny because I am her "Rosebud"
-a facial from Ilhoff
-a framed portrait of my kids on Santa's lap

from a family member
-a darling box of beauty products and Hershey kisses

-a blessing box - (Bible Verses)
-a triple cross necklace
-a beautiful Brighton bracelet
-a ticket to a Third Day concert

-a night out with friends- dinner and movie-

-a "crazy cake" made by a friend who makes cakes (on the last post)
-a naughty little goody bag from CoCo that I cannot tell you any more about.

-a scarf hand knitted by my Aunt

-a list of 40 things that my cousin loves about me.
-Oswald Chambers
-a weekend in Stillwater with my high school buddies
-spa day in Stillwater
-a "beach party" from my friend whose last name is Beach - had a GC to Red Lobster and some fun, beachy stuff for my kids
-a prayer journal

-a photo key chain
-lots of sweet and funny 40th bday cards

And on my birthday.....

-40 pink roses
-"Happy Birthday Annie" donuts
-cash! (should I buy myself an Iphone?)
-lots of calls and more cards
-a zillion Facebook messages
-an amazing Shutterfly photobook of our Big Cedar vacation
-a Nike jogging suit
-more J.Spencer Gift Cards
-dinner at Ted's Escondido - (what setting did hubby have the camera on?)
-a card from Ellie "Mom - You Rock"
and................ drumroll.......................
-a perfect day from Luke - 5 smiley faces - (this is huge - rarely happens!)
I think it's safe to say that my 40th birthday was incredible. The gifts and visits made it wonderful... but it's the friends and family who made it possible to begin with. And when it all boils down, I think that it's the peace God has given me with my life and the blessings of friends and family that make ok to be turning 40. Thanks soooo much Mom and Kim for organizing it and for all my loved ones for helping me feel awesome on my 40th.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Big One is Coming....

The Big One is Coming...
The Big One is Coming...