Monday, April 12, 2010

That Scatterbrained, Lazy and Downright Irresponsible Old Toothfairy

With kid #1, the toothfairy was ultra-responsible. She arrived almost immediately after the excited child settled down and even stuck around for the reveal in the morning. She just couldn't miss the look on the face of kid #1.

Now, the TF hadn't gone too far downhill with kid #2, although there were certainly times that the money showed up in the wee hours of the morning or somehow just happened to be "found" on the floor! It seemed she was becoming a little on the forgetful side.

But with kid #3, it has been quite an ordeal. Kid #3 is at the ripe tooth plucking age and full of raw excitement at losing his 3rd tooth, the first one on top. ("Look at the window in my mouth!") And that stinky, little tooth fairy has been MIA! After the first no-show, I told kid #3 that she was sometimes a little scatterbrained. On the second morning with only a tiny white tooth still under the pillow, I explained that not only is she a little scatterbrained, but sometimes plain old thoughtless and RUDE! I was secretly beginning to wonder if the toothfairy was on crack.

~ I must mention that when I would put kid #1 and #2 to bed at night, I would always give the toothfairy a little reminder, just to help her along. But with daddy putting kid #3 to bed at night, that reminder HAS NOT HAPPENED. ~ Ahem.

Well, I guess kid #3 doesn't have it too bad. When the toothfairy finally gets off her tutu, she feels so terribly guilty about all those early morning disappointments that she drops the big bucks on the little man.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Little Lesson Involving a Thumb and a Hammer and a Deep Thinking Daughter

I have always been a bit accident prone (read: clumsy).

It seems to come in waves, though and I am definitely admist one of those waves.

A couple of weeks ago, I fell down a flight of stairs. Now mind you, I have tripped down some stairs before, but I have never fallen down a complete flight of stairs, headfirst and totally at the mercy of God. I ended up with no major breaks or injuries, though bruised up on my right side from head to toe and feeling like I had been in a car wreck.

Yesterday, I decided to take charge and hammer up some nails in the garage. It wasn't long before I mistook my thumb for the nail head and POP, there went my thumb. It spun me into a bad mood on a beautiful day because my thumb was throbbing like crazy. I kept complaining about it to Kami, who was helping me with all the Easter preparations..... (Easter at our house today!)

And she gave me a good something to think about.

Mom, if your thumb hurts that bad, imagine what Jesus must have felt with nails through his wrists.

Oh yeah. Good point.

I quit whining about my thumb and praised God that Jesus "who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God." Hebrews 12:2

Happy Easter Everyone!