Friday, February 26, 2010

LOVE to you

Ellie, Feb 2008

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Dog

In memory of our buddy, I am republishing a post about our quirky Cosmo I wrote last October. On Tuesday, February 23rd, we had the Coz put to sleep. His health had been declining for some time and he was so pitiful by the end that even Luke could hardly stand it. I know it was the best thing to do, and I know that's part of having a pet, but for at least a couple of us in the family, losing him has been tougher than I imagined.

The kids knew that Cosmo was very sick so we told them on Tuesday morning that our doggie was going to a better place and to say goodbye to him. They obviously left the house with bit fat tears running down their faces. Luke went to school and told his teacher that Cosmo was going away to live with another family who would take better care of him. Sweet innocence. He didn't quite get it, though Tom explained later that Cosmo had died. Little Ellie did get it though, and when I saw her after school, she ran up to me and said, "mommy, is he gone?" It was so hard to tell that little face that Cosmo was indeed gone. Once I did, she cried and cried. And cried. And when we got home that evening, she ran through the house gathering up all of Cosmo's things saying, "I just can't picture our family without Cosmo! It's not right!" It was a rough night. She ended up sneaking his nasty sweater into her backpack this mornign and putting in her desk at school. Safe to say she takes after her mama in the emotional department. I was actually fine until I got home from work this afternoon. I walked in the door and naturally looked over to the chair Cosmo had taken to for the last year. That empty chair did it for me. It's so hard not to miss a little fuzzy, stinky creature that's been glued to my side for 13 years. He really was a good dog. So as not to be overdramatic, I will now leave you with this sweet post about our good, good buddy.

A few years back, before kids, I asked Tom for a dog.

I wanted a Yorkie, like the cute, little, sassy girl Yorkie I grew up with, Cinci.

Tom bought me a dog.

Sweetly, he hid the puppy in the laundry basket and asked me to grab him a towel. To my surprise, there the black dot of a Yorkie lay sleeping.

It was so cute until it grew into an enormous boy dog, at 15 pounds, much heftier than the average Yorkie.

To this day, we still wonder what those AKC papers are printed on.

Although Cosmo (named after Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld) wasn't what I was expecting AT ALL, He has turned out to be a pretty good old boy.

It didn't start off on the best paw.

He flunked puppy kindergarten because he hates other dogs.
He chewed my Brookside starter house into smitherines.
He acted as though he would rather jump in a volcano than interact with other animals.
He always walked around with an apologetic look in his eye.
He didn't really understand the idea of spunk.
He ate up one of Tom's baby pictures that was really special to me.

I wanted to strangle him at that point.

But things got better. He started becoming a good boy.

His timidity towards other dogs meant that going outside was only a place to do his business, never to dig holes or harrass kittys.

He got over his chewing stage and barked at all the appropriate times.

His big body meant a big bladder. No accidents or potty problems like those 5 pound Yorkies have. Though devastated when our first child was born, he grew to love the kids. They love him back.
He makes us laugh with his quirky ways.

He wears sweaters without complaint, even though Tom takes up for him and secretly peels off the sweater when I'm not looking.He is never the agressor, yet never rude. Just silently pleading to get him the heck out of dodge.
The boy would never run away. He stands outside the door desperately waiting to get back in.

And look, can you see that he still has that humble look of apology? Like, ahem, I'm so sorry to bother you here, but I'd like to come back into the house now. Thank you.

Quite like an old English fart, he is. We call him neurotic behind his back. But he really is a good boy.

In his old age, I am starting to notice his health going downhill. He can't see too well and pees in weird (though still acceptable) places.

Last week he peed in the garage. And even when he does something he shouldn't, he is still a good boy.

He peed in the shape of a heart. Good dog.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


That George Michael song keeps running through my head:
"Ya gotta have Faith, Faith, Faith, Ya gotta have Faith, Faith Faith!"

Man, I don't know what it is about this February that has changed it into my FAITHuary.
It seems to have been a rough month! Nothing MAJOR, you know... just seems like I'm putting one foot in front of the other right now.... one step at a time! Haven't felt like blogging, yet missing your blogs. Tired, busy, stressed, happy, full, blessed. I know, I am an enigma.

Despite my heart, (oh me of many emotions!) (I tell Tom I'm "emotionally sophisticated"),
it has been a month full of fun and activity!
For example...Superbowl party at Tiff's house with our friends... The Cunninghams and... The Nerones...
Lotsa ice around to play with. (Global warming... where art thou?)
Ellie received lots of Valentines! Luke has a "valentine" named Emma and Kami has a real one but she won't let me post pictures of that! (Emma's mommy is very sick in the hospital - please lift her up in prayer!)
Ellie's best bud Brooke!
Basketball and more basketball and more basketball
Luke's team at the YMCA
And of course ORU games galore! (the home games are over now, whew!)
a great game of hide-and-seek! I just love playing with my kids!
On a sad note, Cosmo has been sick. We thought he was better and he was, but the improvement was due to a steroid injection that made him seem better but he wasn't all along. The kids said bye to him this morning. It was an awfully sad moment... he is being put to sleep this afternoon. Just trying to keep it together! On another truly heartbreaking note, please remember to Pray for Kate.
I can hear the birds chirping outside... spring is coming. Cosmo will be relived of his pain soon. Basketball season will be over for another year and God himself has His Hand on our lives. I am so thankful for His presence and power in my life.
He will get me through this FAITHuary and help me MARCH on!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010


I love pictures and I love my iphone.

Thus, 6+ months after getting my new iphone, I had taken 393 pictures on it. I finally decided today to upload them all on my computer. Though they are not near the quality I like, I'd rather have a picture than not have a picture. That is when the iphone comes in handy... when you haven't brought your camera along, but there is a moment you just cannot pass up. Apparently for me, there were 393 such moments. Uploading was not hard at all, and it was fun going back through the last few months and seeing some of the highlights.

Here are the highlights of the highlights....

First iphone pics in Vegas with Tommy!
Hanging out on the farm...
Nana always has a deck bursting full of potted plants and flowers
Girlies hanging out at Laurie's very very cool house
Baseball team - Everyone's a winner!
Home from School
Papa's Jeep!
On the lake with Kimmer and Will. Miss you guys!
Miss you Summertime!One of my best ever group of photos taken on my iphone!I obsessively look for letters in nature. Just can't help it.
Cute girls at Jenks vs. Union
Luke and his best buddy Landon at Jenks vs. Union
Ellie's Biography Breakfast - her character... basketball player Sheryl Swoopes
ZombiesLuke and Cousin Andrew from Colorado
I brake for pretty sunsets.
Thanksgiving Program in Mrs. Goodrich's kindergarten class
Our little brownie marching in the Jenks Christmas parade
Rocking chair I painted for Jenks Foundation Auction
Luke eating a sandwich that he has bitten off to look like, what else, the Titanic?!
(can you see it? You must have a big imagination to see that!)
Woo Hoo! Big win vs. New Mexico at home!!!
Kami and Mackenzie after New Mexico game
Courtside (literally) watching Tulsa 66ers play
Coaches Vs. Cancer night at ORU - I even think Tom has great looking feet!
Scott's ultra cool street cred tennis shoes
Bow heads are back in style!
Uncle Zach showed us Shake It, an app that takes a "polaroid." Cute!
Bow head in a polaroid! The kids think it's hilarious to doctor people's pictures up with Doodle Buddy (fun free app)
and finally, a cool effect on Photoshop Mobile App (free one too!)
I ♥ my iphone photos!