Sunday, June 24, 2007

Can It Really Be 20 Years?

Amazingly, the answer is yes. It has been 20 years since I graduated from Will Rogers High School. Here I am in 1987 at graduation along with my fellow Ropers. On either side of me are Kim and Linda, my 2 best friends in high school/college along with from left Kim's triplet, Chris, his now-wife Kelly, Stephen, Kim's other triplet Craig, and Trevin. My how young we all were! And now, just seemingly a few blinks later, here we are. Everyone in the above pic was able to attend the reunion, except Craig. Out of a class of about 390, we had 170, including spouses. To tell you the truth, the reunion was just a date on my calendar. I was neither looking forward to it, nor dreading it. However, it was a GREAT time. Everyone seemed so much more relaxed than the 10 year reunion and we laughed and had a BLAST from the PAST thinking back to the silly things we did 20 years ago.

We called ourselves LAK

He did a great job of trying to talk to people he's never met and has nothing in common with. After all, he's an Edison Eagle.

How much fun do you think these spouses are having?

Old friends Krista and Whitney on the left

Linda and I dancing to our class song "Lean on Me"
(when you're not strong; and you need a friend; I'll help you carry on; for it won't be long; till I'm gonna need; somebody to lean on) Those good old 80's songs!

Russell and Tim, the life of the party! Some things never change!

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