Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Didn't Know She'd Take It So Hard

You've heard about those people who have a special connection with nature. Well, Ellie is one of those people. Last week, we found a frog (but maybe he's really a toad) at her school. So, she named him Trojan the frog (which she pronounces Trojran.) Anyway, we took pretty good care of him, at least better care than our last frog, Squiggles, who we nearly killed. We even bought him some tiny crickets to eat at PETCO. And I for the first time in my life witnessed a frog slurping up a bug with his tongue. But the time had come to let Trojan go free. I could tell he was looking a bit sluggish and we took him to a nature preserve to let him hop to freedom. Ellie was crushed. She agonized over where we would leave him and then cried real tears when he jumped off to his new, green home. She has a soft heart and a big heart and I'm so happy she's mine!!!

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