Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day

The main reason I like to call Thanksgiving "Turkey Day" is to remember all the grief we used to give my sister growing up. Somewhere along the way, someone gave her the nickname of turkey, and it seemed to stick. And on Thanksgiving, it was inevitable, someone (usually Uncle Rex or Grandpa) would tell her we were going to eat turkey for thanksgiving... oh wait, that means we are going to eat YOU! "Nooooooooo," she would scream! The funny thing is that as a kid, somewhere in your mind reality blends with possibility and you become kind of desperate, thinking that they might actually throw you pot and cook you for dinner! I told my kids the story this year, hoping we could bring back the old tradition of calling Kim "turkey."

Here is a page I digiscrapped for Thanksgiving.
I can't believe how much I love to scrapbook on the computer. I will confess that this page took me just as long as a paper and sticky tab page, but, hey, I am out of practice.... one good thing is that I made this page for free, didn't have to sink $10.00 and surely more into 3 kinds of paper, sticky tabs, photo printing, letter stickers, ribbon or vellum! Woo hoo!! Hopefully, this page will also last longer than a paper one too! I have the option to print it out, and if it gets ruined, I can always print it again. One last thing, if you buy off-white letters, but upon affixing them to your page, you realize that dark brown would look better, then you are stuck as a duck with those off-white letters. But in this case, I just grabbed my digital paint bucket, and woop! oh now the letter is darker! So easy, so fun! Check out the awesome and free scrapbooking sets at Absolutely LOVE them!

On a different note, look at that plate of food Kami fixed for herself! It was a heaping high plate! Looked so funny in a little girl's hands. But she (as did we all) enjoyed every bite of our traditional Thanksgiving dinner, which included Granny's heavenly mashed potatoes, Nana's creamed corn and for dessert, Kim's yummy fudge. Oh, to have that meal again before next year! It was soooooooooo good! And a WONDERFUL day with family.

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