Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Truth about My Emotions

My emotions are....

...like a river: trickling, flowing, roaring

...like a hot and wicked fire: hard to put out

...like looking down from the top of the Empire State Building: breathtaking

...like a sore hip: always bothering me

...they are as deep and serene as a shipwreck

...they are as free and empowering as hangliding

...until that hanglider hits the ground hard... and crumbles

My emotions are a worship song... my emotions are a mad dog...

They are the lonely cry of a bird on a cliff side

The are the constant hum and the buzz of the subway

My emotions are at once dark and beautiful

They are God-given, lifelong companions

that help me and haunt me

that shackle me that strengthen me

One thing! My emotions never abandon me.

My emotions?

The thorn in my side, that I realize...

make me who I am.

9 Wonderful Responses:

4 Lettre Words said...

That is beautiful! I am a very (sometimes overly) emotional gal. With age, I have come to both accept and appreciate it, though.

A great pastor once told me that God made some people to "feel" more/stronger/deeper b/c there are a lot of people in the world who feel nothing. I really like that!

Amanda said...

I hear you!!!

Wani said...

wow... what a great perspective. The rest of us emotional people are all saying "amen sistah"!

Dawn said...

Yep, I'm saying Amen!

I'm a very emotional woman.

I liked what 4 lettre words had to say as well.

Boy, some of my blog friends today are really pulling out all the stops and posting some good, serious stuff!

Michelle said...

I love what you wrote and I can totally relate to it. I am right there with you.

momof4kr said...

thanks for sharing your gift of writing with us....love your honesty

Anonymous said...

Annie, you are truly an amazing writer...wow. Thanks for putting my feelings into your words my friend.

Rena Gunther said...

And now that I have finally read this....

I am overcome with emotion!

Oh, this sounds like me... If I could portray to you how I have been feeling lately, the struggles I am having, the frustration with "self", the feeling of NOT overcoming....well, you summed it up! Thank you for this! I've been praying and waiting and needing a breakthrough of sorts, desperately believing that comes in spite of emotions! I DO NOT walk by site, NOR EMOTION! It's by faith.

Thank you, thank you, thank you....I think I'll go bawl a while!


Genny said...

This was great. I agree...I think it's so important not to sweep our feelings under the rug. :)