Thursday, February 03, 2011


Being homebound with the kids because of record snowfall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday brings a blizzard of feelings and thoughts.

I find myself caught between 2 extremes: 1) wanting to play family games in front of the fire and 2) knock out a few walls and remodel the top floor of my house. What to do?

So I have done a little of everything the last few days and who knows how many more.

(I'm a little worried we won't go back to school until March. There is more snow in the forecast and Lord knows we Southerners do not deal well with even an inch or two of snow, much less 14!)

My current list of accomplishments:
*Taught the girls to play backgammon.
*Had my hair cut and colored (my neighbor does my hair! - I skiied over to her house)
*Cleaned out a junk drawer and filled it with organized files (why is this type of organization so hard for me? I think I am ADD when it comes to this!)
*Blogged a little
*Had the kids do a little homework/piano practice (not easy, I tell ya)
*Straightened up my closet
*Watched Toddlers and Tiaras with Kami (great mommy/daughter time, right?)
*Fixed some homemade chicken and noodle soup that reminds me of granny.
*Entertained the kids' friends.
*worked on nominating a new Exec board for next year's PTA

If I got all those things done, why do I feel so worthless and slothful?

My kids had a singular purpose today, and that was to build igloos in the snow. And work they did, all day long. They are feeling particularly accomplished with their igloos. One of them has four tunnels that meet together in the middle. I think they could sleep in there. And another has a tunnel long enough to fit three kids in it... they called it their fox hole!

I am wondering how much longer we will be homebound and what I will get accomplished tomorrow?

5 Wonderful Responses:

Baloney said...

How cute are they in those igloos? I'm bummed because I can't take pics of my kids in the snow (bc of my shoulder).
I am going to threaten the Doc tomorrow with fate worse than death if he doesn't go outside with the boys tomorrow and take some fun snow pics for me.
Of course Tulsa gets the snow of a lifetime and I'm unable to participate in the fun.

Valerie said...

Good grief! I'd say you accomplished A LOT! :) We need to get out and play in the snow. It would be awfully nice if it would "warm" up to above freezing. Who would've thought we'd think that would feel so much warmer? ;)

Kathleen said...

You got a lot accomplished, and I am laughing at the image you conjured up of skiing to your neighbor's house. But isn't it so true!!? I can't BELIEVE how much snow you got...and more today, right? Unbelievable! Stay warm!!

Heather Keith said...

You got way MORE accomplished then I did! Wish our kids could have played in the snow together! Kyler would have loved those tunnels!!

Dawn said...

I'll admit, I'm a little jealous that you accomplished stuff being snowed in. It just caused me to be more lazy.

I think I'll try and be a little more motivated with this next round of snow.

Love the pictures! Stay warm. Oh, and post a picture of your new do! =)