Monday, March 05, 2007

Rise to the Rescue

Kim and I don't hire babysitters too often, because Mom and Dad have pretty much made it their mission to help us out when we need it. Once in a while though, there is an occasion that we have to find someone to stay with the kids. And our first choice is always our cousin Rise. She has helped us out the last couple of nights while we went to the Conference Tournament. And I can truly say that I had ZERO worries leaving four kids with her. I mean, if I leave Mr. Luke with any other babysitter, I am always a bit nervous, wondering how much damage he might do while I'm gone. But I know Rise can handle it. She is laid back and fun, and the kids absolutely adore her. Rise, we love you and appreciate your help the last couple of nights!!!! (click on the pic for a better view)

3 Wonderful Responses:

Kim Sutton said...

What a blessing Rise is to our family - thanks!! My girls absolutely adore her.

Anonymous said...

Rise is the greatest and we love her! Nana

Tracey said...

Man I need to move home! I miss gettin to watch your kids!!!! I will definitely be home June - Aug... can we make some dates to play?????