Friday, July 20, 2007

It's a Pond

...what they're swimming in, that is. Ellie, Hallie and their cousin Sabra are swimming in a muddy, fishy pond out on the farm. It was a rib-tickling night, with one cousin plunking in after another until there were 8 heads bobbing out in the old hand-dug pond, overlooked by seasoned oil tanks. How could they, you ask? Well, it doesn't seem that unfamiliar to Kim and I, who grew up sometimes swimming in the ponds ourselves. It was one of those full circle moments where you just can't believe that time has played such funny tricks on you. The kids had a blast, we loved watching them, and when we left, they asked, "Nana and Papa, when come we come swim in your pond again???!!!"

2 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

What a fun evening for all of the kiddos, and what a fun evening for all of the adults watching them! It was especially fun for us to see our grandchildren do the things that their Moms did as children. Nana

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun ! I remember swimming in the pond when I was little with Kim and Annie !