Monday, July 23, 2007

Take Care of My Baby

Yesterday, I dropped Kami at New Life Ranch. Here she is with her counselor Autumn. Kami was literally so excited she was SQUEALING as we took that last turn into the campgrounds. I imagine it can be a difficult thing to drop your kid off and have no real communication with her for a few days. But with Kam-Kam (as she has been signing her name lately), I have no qualms. The girl would stay for a month if I would let her! A camp counselor in the making?

3 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

I can see the excitement in your eyes and I can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Nana

Tracey said...

I remember the days of going to church camp... I did become a camp counselor!!! I am thrilled that Kami is sooo excited about attending camp and the wonderful things that happen while at camp!

Kim said...

Kami will have a wonderful experience while making life time memories & friends! Jami loved her experience at New Life.