Monday, December 03, 2007

The Best of Both Worlds

For anyone out there who knows Hannah Montana songs by default, because they are a constant background music to your life, then you will surely know "The Best of Both Worlds" refers to a song that describes the fictional double life of Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, both of whom we rocked out to in concert yesterday in OKC!!! I have to say that Billy Cyrus' little girl puts on a great show... even I found myself singing and dancing and joining in the adolescent hysteria. And do I mean hysteria!! The concert began late, but before it did, the smallest movement of the curtain would spark a dynamite explosion of high-pitched screams... you cannot imagine how loud it was. Like 10,000 mosquitoes on steroids. And then the music just about blasted us out of our second-row-from-the-top seats. But believe me, I am not complaining. If it were not for the luck of Papa, we'd be like lots of other disappointed people out there. Ticketless. I wish we could have taken our friends and family with us... but Papa got only 4 tickets by the skin of his teeth! This memory will go down in history for Kami, Ellie and Hallie as their first concert experience. After all, I never forgot sitting in the Mabee Center in 1977 listening to the Bee Gees perform "Stayin Alive." The first concert experience is a big one, and I am quite sure a great one for the girls! Our only regret is that Luke could not be there for the one Hannah Montana song that he likes. He cringes when he has to listen to most songs, but when it comes to "Nobody's Perfect," he belts out every line of the song:

Everybody makes mistakes... Everybody has those days... 1 2 3 4!
Everybody makes mistakes... Everybody has those days... Everybody knows what what I'm talkin' 'bout... Everybody gets that way...

Sometimes I'm in a jam
I've gotta make a plan
It might be crazy
I do it anyway
No way to know for sure
I'll figure out a cure
I'm patchin' up the holes
But then it overflows
If I'm not doin' to well
Why be so hard on my self?

Nobody's Perfect!
I gotta work it!
Again and again 'til I get it right
Nobody's Perfect!
You live and you learn it!
And if I mess it up sometimes...
Nobody's perfect

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kelly said...

They look soo cute! My kids love Hannah. I know what you mean about the noise. We went to High School Musical on Ice last weekend and my ears are still recovering from all the screaming.