Friday, December 07, 2007

Sweet and Gross

I know, I know, that title doesn't make much sense. But just think Sweet Tart, and you might understand. This 4 minute video is gross, yet sweet to me. Yes, it does involve cow poop, but it is so much more than that. It is a slice of time that Ellie and Papa spent together out on the farm "checking the whales." When Ellie was 5, she really thought that Dad had a large farm of blue whales. And that he went out to check on them every morning, feeding them fish and other things. In her little big imagination, she thought that he would pet them and play with them. So, one day he took her out to check the whales, and she found out that there were really no whales at all, but oil wells, and lots of cows, horses, rabbits, fences, hay, gates and other wonderful sights and smells you could imagine out on the farm. Checking the wells became a fun thing for Ellie and Papa to do together and this is just a funny (warning: gross) moment from one of their trips. (sorry Luke) For me, it isn't the poopy moment caught on tape, it's the conversation between the two, Ellie's raspy voice, Papa's interest in all that's around them, the beautiful green of the farm, and just remembering our girl at an age that has passed us by already.

2 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

Anne this is great! Watching this brings back memories on the farm when I was a kid!


Tracey said...

Oh Annie, that was too precious and priceless!!! Thanks for sharing!