Sunday, August 31, 2008

Seein' the Sights

Everything seemed to come together just right (frequent flyer miles, Marriott points, help from a friend, an opening in the schedule, child care from Tom's mom)..............and Tom and I were able to schedule a long awaited trip to New York!!! As long as I've known him, Tom's always wanted to go watch the Yankees play in the "House that Ruth built!" That stadium is being torn down after this season! So, with that in mind and a chance to have some time together, we did it! Along with a game at Yankee stadium (pics of that later) we also saw many other sights on the island. Here are a few of them: Our Hotel - right on Central Park

The Brooklyn Bridge

Times Square - right by the Theatre District where we saw Jersey Boys (loved it) and Mary Poppins (a great one too)

Lady Liberty

Liberty Island looking back at Manhattan

Central Park

Lotsa Lotsa Peeps

Ground Zero

Missing Posters - these were at the Tribute Center, a very moving memorial

The view from Empire State Building

Another View with the Empire's Shadow

Yet another beautiful view

Me @ Top of the Empire State Building (Photoshopped!)

A Mural still being Painted (see the unpainted hand on the left and the crazy yet talented guys doing the painting)

R2D2 made of Legos in FAO Schwarz (I took this for Luke, my Lego boy)

Zach's Neighborhood, The West Village - It's as peaceful as it looks

You get fined $350.00 for honking in this neighborhood

Sarah Jessica Parker's flat in Sex and the City (just a couple blocks from Zach's apartment)

Lunching Brothers

My favorite Sight - (sign says WELCOME!! Home to... OKLAHOMA!!)
But here's the deal....I missed my kids something awful. I could actually feel my heart aching as we returned home today. I was so thankful to go on the trip, for what we saw there, all the excellent meals we had there, getting to eat lunch with Zach, seeing the shows, experiencing Ground Zero, riding on the Subway, walking through Central Park, exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the awesome Francine Rivers' book I read (yes, Lori, the third one in the series!), the incredible, luxurioius hotel we stayed in for free(!), the street musicians and dancers we watched, for no scary things happning while we were there, and for coming back home safely to our kids today!!!

4 Wonderful Responses:

ASHLEY said...

fun! love the brothers pic. thanks for sharing your time away. i feel the same way when i'm gone. ache. have a wonderful labor day. blessings!

Heather Keith said...

Great pics! I didn't know you and Tom were going, how exciting!

Dawn said...

Wow! You all packed so much into a few days. I loved the pictures. I hope to go someday as well.

But, there is nothing like coming home.

Traci said...

Good for you and Tom. Neat pics from atop the Empire State building!