Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We do the best of our parenting ability to keep our children from tearing each other to shreds. Thus, when one says something mean or spiteful to another, we immediately speak to that child and let him or her know that it is not acceptable in our family to taunt one another. It just isn't nice.

But we seem to have arrived at a new level of taunting. It is called making-fun-of-your-favorite-action-figure. And apparently, it is quite effective. I will leave out the names to protect the not so innocent.

While playing Mario Galaxy on the Wii...

Child E: Have you looked at Mario lately? Mario is fat.

Child L: What? (realizing what was said...) Whaaaaaaaaat? (loudly)

Child E: Yup. He's definitely fat. Look at that belly on him.


Child E: Yeah, lots of spaghetti and other fattening stuff. He's Italian you know. And look at those weird white gloves.

Child L: (getting madder) HE IS NOT FAT OR WEIRD!!!!

Child E: OH YES HE IS!

Child L: (furious) NO HE IS NOT. HE IS MY FAVORITE ACTION FIGURE!! (pronounced FIG-R).

Child E: Ask anyone you know. Mario is definitely weird. And he wears overalls. Those are so out of style.

Child L: (wailing) MOM!!!!!! Tell Ellie to stop!!!!! I love Mario and she is making fun of him!!!!!! (tears running down the face)

Tell me I'm not the only one who is dealing with stuff like this?! What subtle ways do your children dig at each other, or did your brothers and sisters dig at you?

2 Wonderful Responses:

paperdoll said...

Hi Annie! I'm dealing with this stuff EVERYDAY!! I'll try to post pics of the key chains I have left soon....or drop by and take a look!

Anonymous said...

my brother used to threaten to flush my doll, besty, down the toilet or hold her head in the toilet while flushing...or he would "make me" ... TURN THE CHANNELS! or "spit on me!!!"...eww! that was before remotes! my kids are quite nasty to each other, just tormenting each other...i don't understand why or how to remedy that...i bought a book called, Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends...haven't read it yet, but i'll let you know! good luck. poor mario. blessings!