Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Details

What is so enjoyable, so satisfying....

.... about getting together for events such as Mom's Birthday?

We do the same activities practically every year.

ame rituals, same places, same people.

So how in the world do we squeeze so much fun out of it?

For me, it's all in the details.

Detail #1 - It was a beautiful evening. No rain! And lots of smiles.

Detail #2 - Mom is wearing her earrings that I bought for her birthday! I wasn't sure she'd like them - she can be PICKY!!! - but I think I scored!
Detail #3 - Ellie is always the first to hug her grandparents. She breaks into a run when she sees them and gives them big hugs, as though she hasn't seen them in two years. Sweet.Detail #4 - Luke, the only grandson, is the first to be ornery. And then he stays that way the entire night. He just can't help it. He adds some spice, that's for sure.

Detail #5 - Is it weird that I love the detail of sweat? Luke's hair is wet with sweat and in a few short years, when he is a stinky teen, I'm sure the sweat will be gross. But for now, I'm loving the sweat.Detail #6 - Luke always takes these occasions to give Lauren a huge kiss, apparently while putting her in a stranglehold too. She doesn't look too mad about it this time.Detail #7 - Papa always calls for a group picture. No matter where we are or how many people are there or how many people in the group, we take the dreaded group picture. It usually seems stressful at the time, but when I load my pictures, I'm always glad we did it. Detail #8 - Kami is always the first to be active. Here she is playing with Lauren on Lauren's new trampoline!!!Detail #9 - Kami being active again, this time playing basketball with cousin Hallie.

Detail #10 - Tom watching in the background, just being Tom. Quiet. Observant. Tom. Who I love.
Detail #11 - Kim's kids can't help but look beautiful at all times of the day. Here is Lauren in her adorable outfit. She's a cutie!
Detail #12 - Maggie Rae blowing bubbles. In her own little world. But too funny and talking up a storm. Stunning. Detail #13 - Scott loves his kids. It shows in his eyes.Detail #14 - He loves mine too. He is always so good to them.

Detail #15 - Ellie is wearing her "This is my lucky shirt" shirt. You can see it too well in the picture, but trust me, it's sooooo Ellie. Detail #16 - Look at their faces as they sing happy birthday to Nana! What a blessing!

Detail #17 - Nana turned 70 with grace and beauty and much love for her family.

11 Wonderful Responses:

Melinda said...

Happy birthday to Nana! What a beautiful mama you have and what a fun filled birthday you all were able to share with her. I love all of the photos!

Kathleen said...

What a great celebration...I love the traditional ones where everyone knows how the party's gonna play out. Love the picture of Luke kissing Lauren (cousin, right?). Is he as affectionate with his sisters? ;-)

Shannon said...

Happy 70th to your mom! What fun, orneriness and kissiness, and all that good stuff.

4 Lettre Words said...

Such a beautiful family, Annie! And, it sure looks like it was a fantastic celebration.

Heather Keith said...

Looks like you all had a fun day and Maggie is growing up so fast! We look forward to seeing you all next week!

Baloney said...

Tell your mom I said happy birthday!!
I loved the pictures.
You guys really have some beautiful kiddos.

Anonymous said...

very cute pics!!!

Anonymous said...

What sweet fam. pics. Yall really do have a ball.


Kim said...

What a blessing you are as a mama to your family. You love the details and celebrate them, each and everyone! Everyone is excepted for who they are. Love you girl!

Dawn said...

You have such a fun and beautiful family!!!

Sorry I haven't been around here too much! But, I always enjoy your posts!

ellen said...

love how you mention the sweat. used to when i was teaching i dreaded the time after recess when they'd all file in to the class and i got that overwhelming smell of "kid funk". but with my own, its such a different memory for me. i love it when the littles come in and cuddle up with smells like "fun" and "little boy" to me now. what a difference perspective can make.

and i love how you blog is all about family. are you having in printed? (at or something similar)