Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Eights

I was tagged by my darling friend Katie! ....oh... nearly a MONTH ago...

Let's just say I've been a little busy.
I'm sure you have been too.

But would you like to read about my Great Eights?

8 things I am looking forward to:

*Going to Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Missouri with extended family in a few short weeks!!!

*Going to KANAKUK Family Kamp this summer!!! Hoo-ahh!!! You have no idea how totally excited I am about this.

*Enjoying summertime! Staying up late and sleeping in!! Hanging out with the kiddos and our friends and breathing in every minute.

*My granny's 98th Birthday late this summer. Remember how fun her 97th birthday was?

*Relaxing with Tom in front of a movie rental after the kids go to bed. Ahhhhhh.

*Hanging out with my sister and her family at the club.

*Kami's 11th birthday party - it's going to be the same place as last year - that's how much fun it was!!!!

*Growing spiritually at Asbury's Summer Bible Study - Beth Moore's Esther! Totally looking forward to it.

8 things I did yesterday:

1) We went to church at FBC! The praise and worship ROCKED!!!! Even Tom was tapping his toe a little bit. Nate Nauman spoke on Malachi. Which, yes, does apply to our lives today. Very good stuff.

2) We had lunch with the Mackeys! We don't get to do this to often, but it was such a beautiful and pleasant day and everyone was in a good mood!

3) I helped Ellie with her project for school.... it is going to be SO awesome. I will be posting about it very soon!

4) I called Kami on her cell phone every 10 minutes while she walked down to the park with a friend. She's getting big enough to do stuff like that, but momma isn't gonna stop checking on her. Thank God for cellphones.

5) I gave Tom a hug when he brought dinner home instead of having me cook. I like to cook! I do! But it was nice to have the night off!

6) I cleaned out old files on my computer and defragmented. Took forever, but totally worth it. I feel like I have a much happier (and faster) computer.

7) I watched the kids play outside for hours... playing Nerf guns and spy with our next door neighbors.

8) I watched the season finale of Survivor!!!! Tom and I have watched all 18 seasons of it. I know - we're nuts, but we love it and love this season's winner: country boy J.T.!!!!!

8 things I wish I could do:

1) I wish I could approach situations with more logic than emotions. It's usally the other way around.

2) I wish I could crave healthy food rather than just salty and sweet (though for lunch I did have a kickin' Jamba Juice - Mega Mango - YUM! and oatmeal for breakfast with raspberries. But I won't tell you what I just had for snack.)

3) I wish my eyes could be completely opened to the fleeting quality of life on this earth... I KNOW that I am a citizen of heaven, but it's so easy to get comformed to the patterns of life here on this earth. I want to think on things ABOVE!!! Not on earthly things!!!!

4) I wish I could believe with abandon in the plan God has for me and my family. I do believe, (He is in control - I know it!) but some times I think my belief is the size of a mustard seed.

5) I wish I could care less about the outcome of our basketball games. (See number 1.)

6) Dance - I seriously wish I could bust a move. Like Michael Jackson. Or Beyonce.

7) Sing - not just sing, but SING!! I love music, especially praise and worship music, but honey, I cannot carry a tune to save my life.

8) Take my family on a trip to Europe. I think that would be amazing - loved it when I went there after college - would love to experience it with family.

8 shows I watch:

1) Survivor!

2) The weather (on channel 6)

3) NCAA basketball

4) NBA basketball

5) Once in a blue moon I will watch Oprah.

6) that's pretty much IT!!!!

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Woops!!!! Sorry, I went over!!! I could keep on going so if you are not listed here and want to participate, please do.

Anyway, here are the directions:
Here's how to do this 8 THINGS thing:- Mention the person that tagged you.- Complete the lists of 8's.- Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends.- Go tell them you tagged them!

7 Wonderful Responses:

Valerie said...

I did it. Not because I am on top of things, but because instead of doing the million other mundane things on my "to do" list, I procrastinated (it's what I do best) and played along...:)

Kathleen said...

Great list...I'll work on it! LOVE your picture of 8s. Fun, fun!

momof4kr said...

Can I just say DITTO!! on:
4) I wish I could believe with abandon in the plan God has for me and my family.

Why is that so hard to do?!!

I related to several other's too...LOVED the "bust a move" one! :)

Baloney said...

I signed up for the bible study so I'll be seeing you this summer! Yay!

Lazy Mom Amanda said...

Thanks for telling me I was tagged. I have been a little behind on reading my blogs!!! I will get after it, but I'm not sure I have 8 blogging friends to tag!

4 Lettre Words said...

Great lists, Annie! I actually did this back on May 4th, so you can see my choices here:

ellen said...

ooops! i'm behind in checking in with blog friends... sorry. i love the glimpses you get from little lists like these!

can't wait to hear about granny's birthday! i just got back from staying with my granny while she had a masectomy. its funny, because even though i don't know you that well, you flashed through my mind when i got the news. i knew you'd understand the raw emotion since we have the "granny" connection. :-)