Tuesday, September 08, 2009

If the Quilt Fits....

Dream big for just a moment....

If you had a quilt custom-made
what would it look like?

If you could thoughtfully pick out the fabrics
that would be used in your quilt,
what patterns and shapes and images and hues would you choose?

Shades of turquoise and brown?
Ahhh, my favorite colors right now....However, God knows that the crazy quilt below
is actually more befitting me at this point in my life!
Kind of cool looking though, huh?Tea... if you only knew the amount of tea I drink a day....
you'd be surprised my skin isn't turning GREEN!
(green tea is sooooo soothing!)
This tea quilt would be apropos for me.As I googled quilts in Google Images,
I noticed that there is pretty much a quilt for everyone.
Here's one for The Okie.And The OSU fan. (GO POKES!!!!)The tennis nut.
(side note: I am taking tennis lessons
and it is quite hysterical.
My sister got all the athletic ability.
Maybe getting the quilt would help me!
Then again, maybe not.)Those who love to read.Those who love snakes. Snakes!?!The Elvis Presley quilt.And gracious me, the Twilight quilt, as in Stephenie Meyer Twilight.Luke would dig this skateboarding quilt. Apparently, there is quite a quilting following of arcade games.
Remember Q Bert? I really loved Q Bert.And a Donkey Kong quilt, who knew?Tom may like this basketball quilt... ? .....And even a quilt for president Barack Obama. But....
Guess whose dream of sleeping under a hand made,
custom designed quilt came true?

Ellie won granny's Labor Day quilt drawing!!!!!!!
Here she is under her DOG quilt
(every little piece of fabric is wagging with a different dog design)
with her dog stuffed animals and her real dog resting right beside her.The Quilt fits!!!

7 Wonderful Responses:

Valerie said...

You KNOW this is one of my favorite posts! Love all the quilty goodness, but I love most of all that Ellie won a dog quilt! Made by her precious granny! Seriously, I'm going to have to figure out a way to sneak myself in as one of your long-lost cousins or something. Just to have a granny like yours. Mine have all passed on, so you are one blessed gal...:)

Shannon said...

Very nice! YAY for Ellie - that will always be so precious to her.

Rena said...

This was very interesting!

So happy for Ellie!

And Annie, I so love turquoise and brown! We are soul sisters.

Jesus love you, but I'm His favorite,

Tracey said...

YEA Elli!!! What an AWESOME quilt to win!!! It is SOOO fitting as well! It is amazing to me how so many of the fabrics that Ana/Ronda pick out for Gran to make into quilts end up with the person who LOVES those particular colors and designs!!!

I need to finish my quilt so that Grandma can help me finish the sides... hmmm... maybe this winter while I am snowed in I can focus on that...

Kathleen said...

I love quilts!! Someday--when I have nothing to do ;)--I want to quilt. I had some of my kids' artwork turned into quilt blocks. Someday...

(Love green tea too! Have you tried the Iced Green Shaken Tea at Starbucks? I'm addicted!)

WCSC1 said...

I am been for a couple years looking for a more mature Basketball quilt for my 14 year old son, Do you or do you know anyone who would be willing to make the Basketball quilt shown on your site in a queen size? Any information you could share would greatly be appreciated. Please email me with any information at WCSC1@COMCAST.NET
Thank you and God Bless

Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

Hi, thanks for the ideas! I came across your site looking for car play mats for my daughter. I have duly clicked the button to "follow" your bloggy adventures!