Thursday, February 04, 2010


I love pictures and I love my iphone.

Thus, 6+ months after getting my new iphone, I had taken 393 pictures on it. I finally decided today to upload them all on my computer. Though they are not near the quality I like, I'd rather have a picture than not have a picture. That is when the iphone comes in handy... when you haven't brought your camera along, but there is a moment you just cannot pass up. Apparently for me, there were 393 such moments. Uploading was not hard at all, and it was fun going back through the last few months and seeing some of the highlights.

Here are the highlights of the highlights....

First iphone pics in Vegas with Tommy!
Hanging out on the farm...
Nana always has a deck bursting full of potted plants and flowers
Girlies hanging out at Laurie's very very cool house
Baseball team - Everyone's a winner!
Home from School
Papa's Jeep!
On the lake with Kimmer and Will. Miss you guys!
Miss you Summertime!One of my best ever group of photos taken on my iphone!I obsessively look for letters in nature. Just can't help it.
Cute girls at Jenks vs. Union
Luke and his best buddy Landon at Jenks vs. Union
Ellie's Biography Breakfast - her character... basketball player Sheryl Swoopes
ZombiesLuke and Cousin Andrew from Colorado
I brake for pretty sunsets.
Thanksgiving Program in Mrs. Goodrich's kindergarten class
Our little brownie marching in the Jenks Christmas parade
Rocking chair I painted for Jenks Foundation Auction
Luke eating a sandwich that he has bitten off to look like, what else, the Titanic?!
(can you see it? You must have a big imagination to see that!)
Woo Hoo! Big win vs. New Mexico at home!!!
Kami and Mackenzie after New Mexico game
Courtside (literally) watching Tulsa 66ers play
Coaches Vs. Cancer night at ORU - I even think Tom has great looking feet!
Scott's ultra cool street cred tennis shoes
Bow heads are back in style!
Uncle Zach showed us Shake It, an app that takes a "polaroid." Cute!
Bow head in a polaroid! The kids think it's hilarious to doctor people's pictures up with Doodle Buddy (fun free app)
and finally, a cool effect on Photoshop Mobile App (free one too!)
I ♥ my iphone photos!

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Anonymous said...
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Amanda said...

Welcome back!!! I've been missing your posts!

Dawn said...

Cute photos!! I've got a jillion and one on my iPhone!!

I loved the one of your daughter jumping into the water at downdown. It was beautiful!

Baloney said...


momof4kr said...

I LOVE your love for pictures...a girl after my own heart. :)

Your family is absolutely DARLING.

p.s. You're making my longing for an I-Phone grow stronger...

Kathleen said...

What great moments you captured!! Of course, they're all wonderful, but the one of Nana's deck is so very inviting!

Anonymous said...

wait a minute!!!!!!!!

bowheads are BACK in style?????? WHEN WERE THEY FORWARD??????


rocking paint? i would like more info on your creative skills.

great post...

: )

4 Lettre Words said...

They are all lovely...especially the diving board shot!

Rena said...

Annie, you ROCK!

LOVE the pics!

ellen said...

I totally agree...a not so good picture is better than no picture at all. And I'm embarrassed to admit how many pics I have on my phone that haven't been moved to my computer!

Hope you're enjoying your new job!