Monday, January 25, 2010

In Love with the Boy

Oh, my little boy just continues to madden me and melt my heart every day of the week.

Last week, he came home with two notes from his teacher. One for elbowing another little boy so hard that he made him cry for 5 minutes and the other for play punching someone too hard 4 or 5 times.

Then today, he proudly popped in the door and showed me the "excellent" written across his hand. I made him cookies. It was the first HAND message of excellence he had ever received. Can you believe the word "excellent" even fit on his hot, grubby hand?

Before bedtime he came downstairs wearing every shark tooth necklace that he owns. All four of em. There's just something about a little boy that makes you want to hug em and never let them go.

The child is competely sold out right now to his interest in the Titanic. He pores over pictures and knows a lot of info about the disaster, including the location in the ocean where the boat sank and the name of the boat that saved the survivors. Today at the library, I found The Magic Tree house book Trouble on the Titanic and the CD to go along with it. I turned it on for him about 9:15. Bad idea. I thought he had fallen asleep to the author's soothing reading of the story, but at 10:45 he came and asked me (told me) to put the next CD in. "No way!" I insisted. "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY," he moaned loudly! Luke really brings alive the old saying "my way or the highway." I gave him a sleep strip and it was MY WAY like it or not.

Surprisingly, he has a soft side too. Our doggie isn't well. In fact, we took him to the vet today to see if there is something we can do. He sleeps all day and hasn't eaten in several. They decided to keep Cosmo overnight, and when I told Luke, his comment was, "Poor Cosmo. He must be so discouraged." My sister's 3 year old daughter Maggie has captivated all of us, but in particular Luke who sits next to her at every family occasion and cutely puts his arm behind her back when he is walking by her.

One more thing: last week, when I took him to Sunday school, the teacher stopped me and told me that Luke had prayed for the Sunday school class last week and that his prayer was a really wonderful one. Honestly, I so seldom get stopped with positives about Luke that the tears flowed out of my eyes almost immediatley. That meant so much to me. So we got in the car and I mentioned his prayer to him and he said that in fact he needed to pray right now. "Heavenly Father," he said quietly, "please help me to get 1000 Lego Motors so I can make cars, and... (glancing over toward me,) "please give my mom 200 pairs of earrings." Ha. So much for the profound prayer, but at least he included his mama!

What a lucky mom I am!

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momof4kr said...

There is an enduring tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that transcends all other affections of the heart.

– Washington Irving , writer

Whitney said...

Oh Annie...I know what you mean!! I think we have similar sons. It's an everyday, sometimes every minute struggle, but God has given us wonderful little men that He has amazing plans for! You are a wonderul Mom!

Beaty Bloomin' Blessings Blog said...

Annie, I read this on my phone last night and had to log on and reply today. Luke sounds so much like my Declan. He actually built his version of the Titanic last night and loves to act out the scene "come back Jack, Jack come back" He has been checking out Titanic books at the library and yesterday we ordered the DVD Titanic because our current version is VHS. I think for us having the older girls then our little man it is quite a change. Thank you I really enjoy your blog.

♥Georgie♥ said...

okay that is such preciousness...can i borrow him and claim him for our family photos...i kid i kid sorta...i am whole-heartedly working with my son to be a kinder gentler soul... *sigh*
i hope you all are stocked up on milk and bread and candles and flaslights and that you have plenty of 'could' get nasty on Thursday/friday...stay warm

Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness!! What an awesome little man you have on your hands!! ROFL about the Magic Treehouse and about that prayer he prayed in the van!! May he be showered with Legos and you with earrings!!

Valerie said...

Too cute! Like you, I sometimes wonder how God put such a ball of sweetness and stinky little boy all in the same package, but I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

And I am really hoping your puppy is doing better.

Shannon said...

Love hearing stories about the little man in your life! Since we are lacking the testosterone around here (Harry tries to make up for it) it is a refreshing change from the "girl drama". He's a handsome little booger!

Anonymous said...

"There's just something about a little boy that makes you want to hug em and never let them go."

i love that....what a darling little tale of tales....sounds like he's gonna make some beautiful girl very happy someday...let's just hope he stays close to his momma for hugs and kisses!!

love you...

4 Lettre Words said...

Those Lukes are something else, huh!?!

Love this post.

Baloney said...

That is so sweet. Those crazy boys. :)
Giving you an award on my blog today.

Rena said...