Monday, June 14, 2010

Covered with the Blood of Christ

Ellie, bless her little heart, is a worrier.

Her mama understands the thoughts that swirl and churn, creating a caldron of poison in the mind and tummy.

I do so get that.

Lately, she's back to the old worry that there is an alligator under her bed, a fox in her closet and/or a snake in the covers. She even has an explanation for how an alligator made his way under her bed all the way from Floria.

I've had to do some counseling lately with the sensitive hearted child and I've tried to explain to her that the devil tells lies and that Jesus is truth.

I remind her that of all those nights that she's worried, have even one time her worries actually materialized? No!

See, the devil lies to her. And she is divinely protected by the blood of Christ. He holds her in the palm of his hand!

And if, just if, there did happen to be a fox in her closet or a wasp in her room (a little more realistic) that Jesus himself would give her the strength to make it through that moment.

She is covered with the Blood of Christ in all circumstances.

Then I took a little picture of her worried face, not realizing that God in his own way was showing us how he covered her worry with the cross. Even when she can't see it. Even when she doesn't know it.
Though it is just the shadow of the window pane, we both saw a bigger significance in this picture.

Now if I can just remember this when I wrestle my thoughts on dark, lonely nights.

8 Wonderful Responses:

Kathleen said...

Oh, I so get those "thoughts that swirl and churn". I love how you paint a picture of being Covered! A precious picture too!

Rena said...

OH, wow! Annie, this brought tear to my eyes.

I've missed you!

Baloney said...

My boys both get those thoughts. For Jacob, it is the "puppets" who come out at night. We don't own any pupets and I thought it would rid us of the worry - it doesn't.
I love this post. Beautiful picture and reminder today Annie.

momof4kr said...

Your posts never cease to amaze me!
Ahhhh, such raw beauty.
The cross.

Shannon said...

Beautiful Annie! Such a good reminder for us all!

Valerie said...

What a beautiful image, and an especially good reminder for all of us, at any age!

Nadra said...

In a way that only God can do it....AMAZING.

ellen said...

so blessed to know you...