Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have a hard time reconciling what I believe with what I see...
It can be dumbfounding.

I don't know how I'll be able watch my kids experience the natural pains of life...
Even tiny troubles can send me spinning.

I feel regret that maybe I haven't turned out exactly the way my parents may have wished...
I can't help but wondering.

I look in the mirror and wonder how to "age gracefully...."
Is it really possible?

my emotions corner me like a wild kitten....
and I lay awake not sleeping.

it takes a gargantan effort to do simple tasks around the house...
Why is this?

I feel so far away from God...
I know I've been slacking.


I feel something bigger welling up in me. Not an emotion but a physical sensation. And it seems to grow until it pokes through my chest, like a sharpened log.
It does sometimes hurt,
but it overcomes the
and lonliness that I sometimes feel.

I feel faith
pushing up through my heart
driving me to be a stronger person,
one who is sure of what she hopes for and certain of what she does not see
one who casts all her cares upon Him because he cares for her
one who believes that he has a plan for her life
one who is fears not, for God is with her
one who rises up on wings like eagles
one who find her significance in Him.

I am so grateful... for without faith,
I would be at the mercy of Sometimes.

God be at All Times with Me!

6 Wonderful Responses:

dishinanddishes said...

Beautiful words....

momof4kr said...

I just may need to copy and paste this in my post.
Every word you spoke I could speak myself.
Thank you for putting what many of us women feel into words.
May you be blessed for your honesty, vulnerability, and amazing Agape Love!!!

Against Adultery said...
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Sammoch said...

I loved what you wrote...you put into words what many of us SOMETIMES and OFTENTIMES feel. Thanks.

Valerie said...

Are you sure you're not a poet? That was beautiful! And so very very true.

Audra Krell said...

Annie you are an incredible writer. Your powerful words captured my very heart and thoughts, thank you for authentically sharing your heart with us.