Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun in the Mud

Call me crazy.

I signed the kids up for the mud run on probably the hottest day of the year. It was brutal out there, I tell ya, brutal. It was over 100 and there's no telling what the heat index was. I know this: it was HOT SNOT.

And dirty. Scratch that. Filthy.
but we were with friends....and family....and worked hard...and well, the kids had a blast.
How often can you just get as yucky dirty as possible and your parents don't yell at you?Look at Ana in the middle; proof that kids can get just as dirty or clean as they set their minds to! That was a great accomplishment Ana :)
at the end, the firefighters hosed them clean and as Nana (who came out and watched the action) said, "Every time you get a chance to do something fun in life, you should take it!"

3 Wonderful Responses:

momof4kr said...

Once again, I feel like such a DUD MOM. You guys do the COOLEST, FUNNEST things!! Please drag us with you next time...

Anonymous said...

This was the most fun race! Mud, heat and all! Great job guys!

Tracey said...

How on EARTH did Ana Rae stay so clean? Or was this activity proof that she is her father's daughter?
I wish that there had been activities like this one when I was a kid!!!