Sunday, March 13, 2011

From {Idea} to {Reality}

It only took me 8 months, but by gosh, I got er done!

Happy about that. Cause it seems I have a lot of ideas that just kind of take root in my head but never really bloom... so anyway....

{the idea}

Last summer, we went to the OKC Science Museum. There were thousands of square feet of interesting exhibits and interactive amazement. But Luke was obsessed with 5 square feet of the place - with The Peg Board with dowel rods and ramps that allowed him to build a series of mazes and jumps for a little marble to roll through. We literally could not peel him away from it! The idea hit me later that afternoon... why not put a wall of peg board up in his room for endless building?

edit okc 034

{the reality}

Finally, a couple weeks ago, I paid a dandy handyman to mount the peg board an inch away from the wall. I tried dowel rods, but they were too big and not fitting very well in the holes. And carving ramps from wood was not going to happen. Problem. But then when waking up one morning, it came to me to use the hardware that you can buy specifically for peg boards....and let Home Depot be my source for "toys" for his pegboard. Pipe insulation, plumbing pipe and a few funnels later, I had it figured out! And thankfully the end of this story doesn't go that Luke had outgrown the peg board. Not at all.

He has already spent a good chunk of his day making his {ideas reality.}

lukes room 010

lukes room 012

2 Wonderful Responses:

Kathleen said...

That is AWESOME, Annie! And I simply can not believe how well our two boys would get along!! When we visited my brother-in-law last summer in OH, we went to the coolest science museum ever. And where did my oldest boy--the Lego freak--spend most of his time? At that thing with the tubes and ramps that stuck magnetically to the wall. What a great idea to implement it at home. I will have to show this to hubby and see if he wants to take it on!

Valerie said...

Okay. I am sooooooo going to copy this somehow. What a genius idea! Now that I am a mama of THREE boys (still so crazy that I can say that!), I know they would go nuts over this, especially this summer when we will be looking for ways to keep busy. Maybe I can convince my husband to install one in the garage...

You are a genius!