Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not for the Faint of Heart

I grew up a farm girl, thus have a love/intrigue for all things nature.

So this weekend, out at Nana and Papa's farm, when a Diamondback snake swam up to me with an enormous Catfish in its jaws, I did what any country girl with a Canon Rebel around her neck would do... snapped a buncha pictures.... and did not shriek one time. Even when I realized that my seven year old son was in a low rider paddle boat just feet from this sight.... I held it all together.

The Pioneer Woman ain't got nothing on me!

snake fish 1

snake fish 3

snake fish 2

4 Wonderful Responses:

Valerie said...

Holy cow, Annie! Those are way cool! And I'm NOT a snake lover, but I can appreciate the photos nonetheless. And oh, how I hope to be a farm girl someday...

Baloney said...

Nice capture! I'm not a country girl, but I would have been taking pics too. Snakes don't bother me as much as crickets and roaches. Weird, huh?

Ian & Tracey said...

Awesome shots Annie!!! You are definitely more of a country girl than I!! I would have been screaming and yanking Luke outta that boat so quickly his head woulda spun!!!!

Dawn said...

Girl. You ARE the pioneer woman. Wow!

I would have not only screamed, I probably would have fainted or at the very least soiled myself. LOL!