Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have been an Okie all my life and spent a good amount of spring afternoons and evenings with one on the weather coverage and one on my fraidy hole of choice. I think I've actually taken cover a total of 4-5 times in my years. However, with the recent horrific images of Alabama and Missouri and our local meterologists acting like Harold Camping, I have to admit, I got a little nervous during this last round. As we saw the tornados roaring down I-44, we packed up the kids and the dog plus my camera (shows you what's important to me!) and drove to our other home, ORU. It seems like it would be sturdier than our little closet underneath the stairwell.

End of school 075
In the picture below, the storm's arolling in....
End of school 045
Rain has started; kids are enjoying the view.
End of school 046
And the big concrete walkway that goes in a circle? A little boy's dream.
End of school 051
Here comes it's full fury. Look closely and you will see a poor soul waiting the storm out at the bus stop.
End of school 057
Rain's coming down in fierce blasts, but thank God, no tornado.
End of school 058
Gosh, we should come here for entertainment every night!
End of school 062
The clearing has begun. Prayers of thankfulness said, and prayers for those who are hurting in Alabama and Missouri.
End of school 065

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