Friday, January 12, 2007

The Excitement of Icicles

The magnificent ice storm had barely brushed Tulsa when I found Ellie outside hunting for icicles. With giddy amazement, she located a few tiny ones growing out back on the fort. Her mittened hands delicately broke them away and tucked them into a baggie, which has now found a home on a shelf in my freezer. If what the weather forecasters say is true, Ellie will be able to find some much larger icicles in the days to come.

4 Wonderful Responses:

iawqlp said...
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Kim Sutton said...

It's amazing how these kids LOVE cold weather and the icicles. Hallie wasn't home 5 minutes before she was outside making "ice angels" on the trampoline and eating icicles too. What fun it is to be a kid!!Precious picture of El Bell!

Anonymous said...

Ellie, you are delightful!

Ronda said...

Tell Ellie that Ana saved one in the freezer too. Reminds me of the Joe Scruggs song about the snowman in the freezer. Hope you are enjoying this "ice" storm!