Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our Crisis Management Team

When I saw a strange mark on our carpet today, I looked up to see a four inch line on my ceiling that was drip dropping cold water!!! When I ran up to the floor above to figure out where this water was coming from, I found nothing suspicious. But the line kept growing longer, until it reached about 4 feet! Then new lines began appearing! I could just imagine the whole ceiling coming down on top of us. This is where our very own crisis managment team came to our rescue. Tracy, Chad and Susan along with Tom (who had just come in from a 5 day road trip) all banded together to save our ceiling! We finally pinpointed the source of the problem... not broken pipes, but ice melting and seeping under our shingles and running in on a beam. Then, the water followed the sheetrock seams and created an H20 checkerboard for us to shake our heads at. We had to chip away at the frozen over guttering, which eventually made our ceiling stop leaking. Thank God for friends (and insurance)!

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Anonymous said...

Scary!!!!!!!!!!! Mom