Saturday, February 03, 2007

Survey Says

When asked, here is what the kids named as their three favorite things:

Kami: Family, Life and Sports

Ellie: Dogs, TV and People

Luke: Hot wheels, Rocket ships and Speed

(I didn't have to prompt Luke and Ellie, but I guess the older you get, the harder these things get to answer. Kami struggled with the question a bit. She started with Jesus and Trees, and I said, "Kami, we know you love Jesus, and WHY did you pick trees?" She answered, "Well, those things are important. Trees help us breathe." "But what," I asked are your FAVORITE THINGS? It took a while to come up with this.)

What are your favorite things? !

1 Wonderful Responses:

Kim Sutton said...

I love those answers! I could have answered exactly those 3 things for Ellie, and probably 2 of the 3 for Luke. Kami's would have been harder for me to get, but they are fitting!