Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Those Big Guys

Last night, we had our final ORU Golden Eagles call in show of the season. It was held at the Mabee Center and all the players were there.I felt a little sense of relief that the season is coming to an end, but great sadness that this was the end of our time with two very special people: Ken Tutt and Caleb Green. People always ask me if we know the players, talk to them etc. And yes, we do have the opportunity at get togethers like these to hang out with them. I'll tell you one thing about them: they are tall!!!! When you are watching them out on the floor, they look like big, strong men, but it isn't until you stand next to them and realize that you are looking directly into their belly buttons that you comprehend the size of our players. If they look that big to me, then I imagine that that to little Luke, they are the giants. I guess that's why he calls them "those big guys." Actually, to my family and Kim's family, they are warriors. They go to battle every night for their team, for ORU and for us. They have big hearts and persevere against adversity to work their buns off every day either in a practice or a game. We think our husbands picked some pretty awesome people to represent ORU. We love our players, we appreciate them, and we pray for them. They mean a lot to us.

2 Wonderful Responses:

Kim Sutton said...

Awesome pictures! It brought tears to my eyes to see their smiling faces. I'm so sad I missed the last call in show. Our boys will be missed SO much!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these pictures Annie. Yes, indeed we do love these young men and what they have done for ORU. We will miss Caleb and Ken soooooooo much! Nana