Monday, May 14, 2007

3 Pushing 95

We spent a precious evening at Grandma I's house for Mom's birthday. I took over 200 pictures. Many of them are bound for the trash bin, but there are some fun ones. I'm just posting this one tonight, but I'll post some of Mom and her birthday festivities later this week. I'm tired. This picture just captures such an amazing moment for me. Here we have my 3 (almost 4) year old son pushing his 95 year old great-grandma on the swing. They were having fun together. It was a moment that I'm sure few get to witness, and it is a moment I do not want to forget.

3 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

What precious memories! Nana

Kim said...

We are so VERY fortunate! Great Picture!

Carolyn said...

Grandma I is amazing!! Such a blessing to have her influence and participation in family events. I really admire her.