Monday, October 29, 2007

Free the Frogs

Is this not one of the cutest creatures that our Lord in Heaven has made? A tiny little green jewel put in our garden to eat those pesky mosquitos... a hopping wonder. Remember, our family loves frogs. In fact, growing up, I was a collector of frogs. At one time, my collection of ceramic, yarn and shell frogs numbered well over 100. And Kermit has always been quite dear to my heart. Why am I posting about this? Well, I have a certain, unnamed "friend" with the initials of NW who lives in Florida who is MURDERING these precious hoppers left and right. Using such outrageous weapons as Raid, PhoneBooks, and Umbrellas, this woman has taken the lives of several frogs, many who certainly have families back at the swamp, probably wives and several children. Join with me in my crusade to have this woman stopped, so she will get the message to FREE THE FROGS!!!!!!

1 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

Annie, who in the world in Florida would kill frogs? I could understand it if it were an alligator or crocidile. Please tell me.

Papa Jim