Friday, October 26, 2007

The Maize

Kami has been to the pumpkin patch for 9 years in a row now, and Ellie has officially been her 7th time. So, while the pumpkin patch is a great photo opportunity and a funnish fallish experience, Kami, Ellie, and friends were excited about the new place in town (or should I say waaaaaaay out east of town) called The Maize. Unlike the pumpkin patch, you have to pay admission. But it was much more than a corn maze. The maze itself was pretty cool, a walk through winding and crossing paths of corn that took us about 15 minutes. The maze was in the shape of Oklahoma with a salute to the centennial, and luckily, didn't give me any Children of the Corn vibes. The place was packed with a ton of fun fall stuff to do, like bury each other in a pit of corn. You'd think they were on a beach, burying each other in the sand. But, well, here in Oklahoma, we don't really have that choice, now do we. So, corn it is! One of their favorite things was just playing on the bales of hay that were stacked up. And they loved the rubber ducky race below. Plus, they had a cow train pulled by a 4-wheeler and bikes the kids could ride through the corn. But, that's not all! Paintball guns were a big hit too. We had an awesome time and followed it up with a meal of cornchips, salsa and queso from Ted's!!! Yummmmmm!

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