Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Old Friends Are Like Gold

You know what they say, that old friends can just pick up where they left off. Well, for my college friend Kerry and I, picking up where we left off means laughing our way through dinner. Back in our OSU and post-OSU days, we just went at life enjoying the fun times kind of haphazardly. My mom always said Kerry and I were the "blind leading the blind," which now that I think of it kind of sounds like an insult, but we saw the humor in it, truly getting a kick out of whatever rolled our way. Fast forward 10 years. We've lived in different places for over a decade now. Our kids have met each other a handful of times and really don't KNOW each other. But after a night together at our house, I would say that they won't forget each other now. It was almost surreal to sit there and watch wild boys Luke and Brennon wrestling and breakdancing. (Kerry and I still can't figure out how these boys are learning to breakdance..?) It was refreshing to see Kami and Ellie and Payton have a ball cooking their own "recipe," cracking up together like old buds. I wouldn't have traded that time with those kids for anything. I'm so glad they got to know each other, and even though they're "new" friends, maybe someday they'll be able to share that special bond of being a "old" friend, just like Kerry and I.

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