Monday, May 05, 2008

There's A New Rae in Town

Ida Hope Rae-Rae to be Exact - Nana and Papa's new little Yorkshire terrier. Is she not the cutest 4 1/2 pound thing you have ever seen? They're going to call her Hope Rae, and I'm a little annoyed that now even the DOG can get in the Rae picture and I....... I am left out!!!! And as you can see below, Cosmo is pretty annoyed himself. You wouldn't think that a 12 year old 15 pound male would be intimidated by a 5 month old 4 pound baby puppy. But... Cosmo... he's been known to be spooked by leaves before. We'll see if he gets used to his new cousin. :)

1 Wonderful Responses:

Heather Keith said...

What a cute Yorkie , makes me miss Shelby! I am glad you are back at your blog!