Friday, June 27, 2008

Full Circle Moment

I thought that on Wednesday, I had experienced a full circle moment. But then I began wondering about that term, where I heard it and if I could possibly be tinkering in the New Age beliefs being preached by Oprah and others.... SIDENOTE: I watched for awhile today an Oprah episode "Overcoming Fears" and it was focused on finding out who you were in a past life to help you deal with fears and phobias. Sorry, but I am just not that openminded. But I digress.... so to fight my fear of becoming New Age (I must have had some kind of negative experiences with New Age beliefs in a past life), I looked up the term "Full Circle Moment" on Google. There is actually an entire website devoted to Full Circle Moments, and here is how they are beautifully and accurately defined by Jane Genede: "I believe we have all experienced Full Circle Moments. They deepen our lives and, once shared, enrich the lives of others. They are at once personal and universal. Full Circle Moments happen when we revisit a situation or circumstance in our present life that occurred in our past. (NOTE: NOT A PAST LIFE!!!) The event of the second experience creates a circle in which we view both perspectives — past and present — simultaneously. Viewing the “there and then” and the “here and now,” seeing their relationship and connection completes the circle and creates a richer, fuller life experience." Many years ago, I worked at Kanakuk, a Christian sports camp in Missouri. Though I say "many years," it only seems a hop and a skip and a jump ago. My camp experience is as fresh and clear and beautiful as a splash of water from Table Rock Lake. Although I absolutely loved my experience there, I never dreamed of sending my kids there at that time (I was completely unattached, light years away from meeting Tommy Boy.) And since then, the camps around town have totally satisfied me and my kiddos. But a window came open and Kami crawled through. So as suddenly as an unexpected stoplight, I found myself, 16 years later, dropping my precious daughter off at a place that meant so much to me. As much as I loved it as a Kitchikomo (yes, I worked my buns off in the kitchen with my hilarious sidekick and current close friend Jessie), I can imagine that being a camper (or Kamper as they like to put it) must be absolutely fantastic. You should have seen the place. I can't wait to see her and hear all about it next week!

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