Thursday, June 12, 2008

Country Kids in the Big City

My friend, my very cool, hip, urbanzied, big city, sorority sister friend, married a cowboy some years ago. And since then, she has become quite the country gal herself. She reminds me of one of my favorite bloggers, Ree. She grows a garden, cans pickles, owns chickens, and helps with harvest, all the while wearing the most chic heels she can find. She has not forgotten her roots and has stayed true to herself, while raising two fabulous children in a city (town?) of 1,000. They visited us not too long ago, but it was a blast to have them back with us for a few days. Payton and Kami did basketball camp together, while Luke and Brennon, well... they did some serious boy stuff. And Kerry and I, we just laughed and laughed and laughed. There's something that really makes you laugh when you can sit there and watch your kids play with the same person you cried big tears to about your loser ex-boyfriend. I am worn out from all the laughing. It was a great weekend.

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