Sunday, June 29, 2008

Precious Art Work Project

"Stoplight" Luke's light is ALWAYS green!!! Age 4
An Ellie Original - Age 7
This is more typical of Ellie than the other one. Most of her drawings have DOGs or other animals in them!!!

"Walking the Dog" - Age 7
Too precious. Luke's "Butterfly for Kami" - age 4

"Happy Girl Reaching the World" by Kami - age 8 Luke and Mommy at Walmart" (uh oh, I'd rather that be "Luke and Mommy at somewhere other than Walmart" This tells the sad, sad story of where Luke and I spend lots of quality time! But Luke's characters look awful happy!!!) - Age 4
"Mom at the Mall with Her Hair Blowing in the Wind" Ellie - age3 (one of my FAVORITES!)
"Goldfish" by Ellie - age 7
"Sisters" by Kami - age 3.

"Skyline" - by Kami
I do not consider myself a pack rat, but yet I have drawers overflowing with stuff the kids have done. And I'm telling you, I throw loads and loads of it away! The guilt as I stuff them in the trash can!!! But I just cannot and will not bear to get rid of some of them... they are like flash drives of memory.... each one holding it's own little story, it's own set of emotions, helping me connect to a moment in our very recent, yet fading past.

So, I'm starting a project. And I will keep you updated as I tackle it. It involves a 4 X 5 piece of plywood, 2 flush mount hangers, buckets and buckets of Mod Podge (I've come to love the sticky stuff) and my upstairs hall wall. Get the idea?
If you can't picture it, it may end up looking something like this:

By the way, I totally cannot take credit for this idea. I am copying it 100% from a house I saw a few months ago. I didn't know the owner, which I guess is good. I feel a little less guilty for stealing the awesome idea and making it my own.

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