Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Laundry Tip

I have an interesting tip for you to get your laundry smelling AMAZING!!! First step: Fill washer with laundry; make sure to sort by color.

Second step: Add desired amount of your favorite detergent.

Third step
: Throw in a box of dryer sheets. You read that right. The whole box. Not the dryer sheets pulled out of the box, but the dryer sheets IN the box.

Fourth step: Start washer.

Fifth Step: When washer is finished, you will need to sort through the laundry and pull out the dryer sheets, all 50-100 of them. The box will have disintegrated into thousands of teeny weeny pieces.

Your laundry will feel somewhat waxy after it has run through the dryer, and you will continue to find miniature pieces of cardboard littering your laundry. You may even have to re-wash some of your clothes to eliminate the countless bits of cardboard stuck to your clothes and towels.

But..... this tip will get your laundry smelling super nice.
How do I know? I inadvertently tried it yesterday! (The pic of laundry above includes some of the dryer sheets that made it through the washer AND dryer - ha!)

You will know when my kids are coming. You will smell the "Fresh Awakenings scent" by Gain a mile away!

9 Wonderful Responses:

Lazy Mom Amanda said...

sounds like something i would do. that's funny!

Shannon said...

Does it get out the ink pen explosions? I'm liable to it.

Very funny! Good luck with all that!

Dawn said...

Oh, no!!! hahahaha!!!!

Audra Krell said...

Okay, at first I was scared that this was a real tip! I'm highly allergic to dryer sheets and yet my oldest son continues to use them. That's my trade off for him doing laundry! I'm surprised that he hasn't tried you tip!

Penelope said...

That is hilarious. That is right up my alley in something I would do! So sorry...

ellen said...

You had me for a minute! I'm a sucker for any laundry tips. :-)

Kathleen said...

ROFL!! Now, Annie, that tip would have been much more useful 2 weeks ago when my kids came home from camp.

"Why did you pack this trash bag with 'Dirty Laundry' written on it in my suitcase, Mom? I never used it for anything."

Baloney said...

Probably much better than the snotrags the Doc leaves in all of his pockets.

Rena said...

Is this what happens when you spend your laundry washing time chatting with your blog friend on facebook?