Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Of Cell Phones and Toilets

This ones for Baloney. Just so she knows she's not the only one.

I won't get into the gory details, but I will say that my cell phone died in a toilet accident involving Luke.

And that it was ugly.

And that it required an extraction that in the end, didn't really matter.

The phone went to pot, so to speak.

The miraculous ending to my tale of poo, I mean woe....
is that it was the perfect opportunity to get a new phone. (Amazingly, my contract for my old phone was up too - the stars aligned!)

I have resisted. I have proudly carried around my Sony slider phone, telling myself that I didn't HAVE to have the iphone. I didn't NEED the iphone.

An iphone would not complete me. (harumph!!)

Weirdly, I did the same thing with capri pants. Back about 10 years ago, when the fashion came back in, I thought... I'm not giving into that! I don't have to wear THOSE to fit in.
There must be a bit of a noncomformist ghoul lurking in me. I think I was the last person to give in to the fashion, but give I did. Thank the fashion Gods above. That's about all I wear now - some kind of cropped pant.

Well, you've guesssed it by now. I got the iphone. I was nervous, but my friend Lori took the plunge with me. I was thankful to have a friend who was going through the same iphone growing pains that I was.

And now, (brace yourselves) I tell you how truly complete I feel.

Not in the shallow way, like please see me hold my iphone. See me dial my iphone. See me talk on my iphone. Look at my signature: sent from my iphone.

But in an organizational, I have got-it-all-together kind of way.

Ok, I'll never have it all together, obviously, if I dropped my iphone into a pot of poo.

But wow, the myth of the iphone is no myth at all.

It is fantastic.

I have converted from a paper calendar to my iphone calendar.
Love it.

I have a camera with me at any given moment.

The email.

he texting.

The GPS.

The music.
The way it stores your contacts.

The ease of the touchscreen.
The apps.

The APPS!!!

They are so creative and very useful.
I have the entire Bible on my phone.
I can pull up any version of any verse any time I need to.

No, the iphone is not overrated. It's genius.

Now if I can just keep from dropping it in the toilet.

10 Wonderful Responses:

4 Lettre Words said...

What a great "excuse"! And, I think this is a story that little Luke might hear about forever. :o)

Lazy Mom Amanda said...

Welcome to the dark side. You will love it. I was a skeptic, but love mine!!!

Kathleen said...

"The phone went to pot, so to speak." ROFL

I must be more non-conformist than you because...I WILL NEVER GO iPHONE!!

Seriously, I feel like an old woman around these new-fangled phones (see? apparently I sound like an old woman too). Dh always makes fun of me trying to use his phone. And though I rarely text, I still do the whole 1-1-1 to get letter C, etc.

I can do anything I want on a computer but shrink it down to phone size, and I just lost.

♥georgie♥ said...

LOL-very funny post-I am sorry you dropped your slider into the potty-wonder if I do that I can get an iphone?

I am always the last one to get new techie products

Penelope said...

Great to hear from I can't find your email :) i have some scoop for you on the blog books and my blog info. email me at and i will fill you in!

the cell phone story is so up my alley!

Shannon said...

your giving in Anne, Twilight and now an iPhone? What? : )Excuse while I go throw my phone in the toilet.

Baloney said...

Ha - Shannon probably really did toss that phone.
For the record - Jacob hasn't pooped on my phone... yet!
Congrats on the new phone! Have you already downloaded the facebook app?

Rena said...

We just experienced new phones as well. We've also experienced in the past certain situations involving phones and toilets.

NO iphone, though. Sigh.

Joe got a Blackberry Storm and almost lost his mind. Apparently not to be compared to the iphone?

Or is it? His brother helped in out a bit and I think he's getting the hang of it.

I got an LG Envy Touch. NOT an iphone.

BUT, I'm pretty sure it does all of the things (at least most of them) that an iphone does. But it does flip open to a keypad.

Are we having phone wars??

I'm kidding.

Pictures, access to facebook and twitter and blogging (oh my) and navigational system . . .

It IS all worth it.

But the iphone wins.

momof4kr said...'re REALLY making me want an I-Phone!! The hubs and I are trying to hold of another two years until our current contract ends...will we make it?!

Anonymous said...

Anne, I love your posts! :) a.k.a. Ashley's mom ;)