Monday, November 30, 2009

Legos Gone Wild!

He's a madman I tell you!

Every since we returned from our 6 day stay in Cancun, Luke can think of nothing and I mean nothing but Legos. It's as though he's taking one long drag on his Lego cigarette. Ahhhhhh!

Saturday, while Tom and I unpacked, did laundry, cleared out the Thanksgiving decor, etc., Luke made Lego creations FROM 9 AM to 9 PM. Twelve hours of Legos. No breaks. No commercials. No kidding. The child didn't even want to eat. Yesterday was no different, although I did have to to force him get out of the house to visit Granny and Gran Carolyn. That was like extracting his toenails.Then yesterday evening, I began to find some strange items around the house.
A screwdriver. 3 tiny screws. And the remainder of this little basketball prism that lights up and twirls around on a base in his room. He uses it as a night light.Or should I say USED it as a night light.

Had you guessed what the Legomaniac had done? He had opened up the base (without asking mind you), taken out the spinning motor that is powered by electricity, built a Lego casing for it, and attached legos to the moving parts to attempt to make his Legos creations move.
Shortly after he started his project, I had to make him go to bed, but I have a feeling his newest Lego creation is purcolating in his brain even as he sleeps.

8 Wonderful Responses:

Valerie said...

I'm major impressed that he thought to try and think of a way to make his Legos move!

Kathleen said...

So much like my Lego Maniac!! And he does the same thing...after we've been traveling, he disappears for hours to make up for lost time! :-)

Robin said...

My husband is jealous and will be attempting the same tonight :)

Shannon said...

an inventor, an entrepeneur, an engineer, or maybe he'll get hired at Legoland and build those cool lego sculptures!

momof4kr said...

Said it before, and I'll say it again...a Mom should want nothing more than her children to play with Lego's (well, I guess Bible Reading might rank above that)!

Anyway, I think those little things help spark Brain Cells that would otherwise not get ignited.

SO much good will come from all this lego-ing!!!!

Rena said...

Very impressive!

4 Lettre Words said...

Guess what Neil and Sam are doing right now??? Legos are HUGE here, too...and more are coming in the next few weeks! :o)

Kim said...

Head to Radio Shack and get him switches and wires, etc. They actually have packets for kids to experiment with, not too expensive! *Legos rock at any age, just ask Kent!