Monday, January 17, 2011

Funky Jesus Music

If there was ever a night I wished this white girl could pop and lock, snap n roll and do the stanky legg, this was the night..... the night Toby Mac came to town.

I feel like down deep I've got some soul blood in me cause that music makes me wanna get up and dance like noone's ever danced before.

But I know if I did, I would look like a dying mongoose. I have faced the fact that my pale booty just doesn't have the rhythm or the cool.

However, I do think that in heaven I would love to be one of God's backup dancers... dancing like a fool on the streets of gold... oh yeah. Baby. Now that would be chill. That would be ON POINT. That would be 1 thousand. That would be hot. (Thanks to my soul sista Nicole for a little help with the lingo).
Dare I say it? Cause I've seen lots of concerts.... James Taylor, Carrie Underwood, Garth Brooks, ZZ Top, Michael W. Smith, The Bee Gees, Third Day, Justin Beiber, Club Nouveau, Hall and Oates, (omigosh can you believe that list... that list is hilarious),

but Toby Mac.....
Best. Concert. EVER.

A close second? Garth Brooks.

My kids LOVED it. Tom even tapped his foot a little. And did some arm waving. Toby Mac is a true showstopper, and has God to call as his King. If he comes to an area near you, GO SEE HIM. That would be Legit!

6 Wonderful Responses:

Valerie said...

Dang, now I wish I'd gone! I loved your description of being a backup dancer for God -- I personally think not only will all my dogs and cats be in heaven, but also those skills I wish I had now, I'll be rockin' in heaven! ;)

Dawn said...

I'm just so impressed with your lingo. I don't have clue what it all meant, but you had me mesmerized. LOL!

So glad you all enjoyed the concert. I'll have to take my fam the next time.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

LOVE Toby Mac! My hubby just doesn't get it, tho. :)

momof4kr said...

Ouch! This makes the sting a little worse that we weren't able to make it. :(
I've been thinking about music a lot lately...when one reads through the Bible, it is more than obvious that God has quite an affinity for *~MUSIC~* - can't wait for that concert waitin' for us in Heaven!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

LOOOOVE Toby Mac! I'm sure he puts on a great concert. He was in Sioux Falls not to long ago, but didn't work out for us to go. I always have at least one TobyMac song on my playlist for doing the treadmill. Gotta move it and praise Him all at once. Love the lyrics on your pics too - perfect!

Rena said...

JEALOUS! You and I both, Sister, are in that same wishing-I-had-some-soul boat. And probably the same in that we sometimes "think" we do and sometimes unashamedly act the part. Am I right? AM I RIGHT?

And that concert list? YOU are indeed my SOUL sister. Or something like that! That list totally ROCKS!

I love your photo art editing or whatever it is. It's amazing. Always. So glad for you that y'all were able to enjoy an amazing night with Toby! And jealous. ;)