Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Technical Support

People: I love my husband. He is a man with many a great quality. He's loyal and kind. He's a hard worker. He is strong and silent. He supports me. He doesn't miss a Sunday of church. He's great at folding laundry and unloading the dishwasher. I so love him for that.

But there's one thing he is not, and that is good at the jobs that require you to read directions and/or think deeply. Putting together and/or hooking up things is just not his strength. To say the least.

When the kids were little he assembled their Little Tykes wagon with the wheels on
backwards. They stayed that way for seven years. It never really rolled quite right. I have quit asking him to hang things on the wall because bless his my heart, they usually end up falling down at some point. I tutor him in all things computer. So ya see, it's just not his specialty. Even though in his younger days he did get a job as a maintenance man for a bank down in Texas. Now that's funny stuff. He had his own workshop and everything. And I can say all this about him because he doesn't read my blog either, Baloney.

Anyway, things have changed for the better in our house. I now have my own little Technical Support, known as Luke. Completely of his own initiative, he decided that the XBox that we got on Christmas morning and that was gathering dust in the corner, needed to be set up. So he got up, opened up the boxes, read the directions and SET UP the XBox. Bam. Just like that. People, do you know how much easier my life just became? I envision myself sitting in my easy chair eating bonbons, shoving owner's manuals at Luke and having him hook up everything from our surround sound to changing the oil in my car. ;-) Oh Happy Day!

4 Wonderful Responses:

Kathleen said...

You are too funny!! Isn't it great having little people grow into little helpers. This sounds REALLY stupid (though might make a great blog post! :)), but I realized yesterday my little man can be the muscles now in Mark's absence...he cut the cheese for me! :) I always buy these huge blocks of cheese from Sam's and then grate the block up. I find it very difficult to cut the block up in manageable pieces, but my oldest little man did the whole thing for me yesterday!

Rena said...

Dear Annie, We could use a Luke around here.

Like just after Christmas. When Joe and Trey worked two days at taking down the dinosaur big screen and putting up the flatscreen Trey, Cam, & Court got us. And the shelves that had to be re-made (Home Depot) and re-built into the cabinet because JOE THREW THEM AWAY. We could've used Luke when they tried to hook the new receiver from TWO Christmases ago that Joe's brother gave us. And failed. And then hooked up the old one. Because they wouldn't read the instructions.


momof4kr said...

Told ya that Lego Playin' would pay off!!! :-)

Darcy said...

hehe so cute! i'm pretty sure my hubs put the swing together wrong...i just dont have the heart to say.....