Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have hundreds of new pictures just begging to be published, but I decided, just like my life (one hour at a time), I'm going to post, one slice of an event at a time.

Last weekend, Kami and I and mom and dad traveled to New York for Kami's 13th birthday. Yes, New York City!!! Specifically, we stayed in Brooklyn, NY at my cousin Kristina's very authentic and lovely brownstone apartment (built in late 1800's; worth 1.5 million - rent, no telling how high). I've been to NY twice before, but both times I stayed in very cushy, comfy, lap-of-luxury hotels.

So I was kind of wondering (dreading) about how it was going to be with 7 large people in one small apartment. It couldn't have been better. Not only are those brownstones amazingly quaint, but Kristina has a knack of making things in her apartment feel "happy" as she puts it. I just wanted to share this sweet spot... Kristina and Gael (the dashing Frenchman), we loved every minute... thanks for hosting. :)

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More NY to come....

3 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

Looks like a very cozy and beautiful place Kristina and Gael have there!
Kimbo Rae

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful trip, thanks to Kristina & Gael. We had the best time, & it was so fun to see Brooklyn and to travel on the subway to see all of the sights. A trip we will never forget! Mom

Baloney said...

How fun! Maybe I should do something like that for Michael's 13th...