Monday, February 04, 2008

Let's Get Spiritual

Today, I was driving Luke and his friend Liam home. I was so proud to overhear their conversation.

Luke: Let's buckle in on each side of the car, you on the left, me on the right. And in the middle, let's buckle in Jesus.

Liam: Yes, God will sit there. He is invisible.

Luke: I know, but He is with you wherever you go.

(At this point I am feeling quite proud. All those prayers, all that careful teaching. It is finally paying off. He's getting it!)

The conversation continues

Liam: Jesus is right beside us.

Luke: He loves us.

Liam: He can see anything you do.

Luke: He has a lot of eyes. 22 of them.

Liam: Yeah, you're right.

Luke: Hey, Liam, (long pause) wouldn't it be cool if God is an ALIEN?

Both boys laugh hysterically and punch each other.

I wince and determine I will do more spiritual teaching.

1 Wonderful Responses:

Tracey said...

AHHHHH!!! How cute!!! At least Luke has the courage to talk about his spirituality and his beliefs! That is something that you and Tom should really be proud about!!!

Love you all!