Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Year of the Braid

She WON'T wear dresses, or bows or frills.
She WILL climb up tall trees and big, dirty hills.
She won't even think about cute clothes that are tight
they have to be LOOSE or she puts up a fight.
The older the better - she loves holes and stains
she feels best in sweat pants running through the rain.
She will pick a hand-me-down to wear any time any day
And those new clothes from Limited 2 just go to waste.
She WILL wear shirts printed with animals and do not you think..
that I am one lucky mom that she will even put on pink?
And one more thing she is happy to wear...
and that is two braids pulling back her hair.
It started as braids to make it a fun day,
but now she wants braids from Monday through Sunday!
No cool hairdos, painted nails, or earrings on this child,
just a great sense of humor and a streak that is wild.
She is who she is: a girl I would NEVER trade
even though every day she demands, "Mom, I want braids!!!"

1 Wonderful Responses:

Anonymous said...

That's our Ellie!