Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Not So Budding Photographer

Remember that I promised new-and-improved photographs on my blog? I am trying, but I tell you, it is not easy. Photography is kind of like learning a new language, and unfortunately, I am well past that young-and-moldable-brain stage where difficult things like new languages are easy to pick up. It's so funny to me, because Mom and Dad raised me to think I could do anything. I mean anything. They instilled a belief in me that anything I set my mind to, I could accomplish. Well, maybe as I get closer to 40, I realize that hmmm... maybe I can't exactly take the pictures I am envisioning in my mind. Of course, the standard I have in my mind is oh so high. As most of you know, I think Kelly's pictures are a thing of beauty. Look on her site for our kiddos, plus others you may know too. A year and a half ago, I went out and bought a camera like hers, ridiculously thinking... well, if I have her camera, then viola! my pictures will be incredible, like hers. Well, no, that's not happening yet... but I am picking up a few tips. One: never use flash. Natural lighting makes all the difference. You can see the difference in the picture above and the one below. Flash=washed out unnatural looking pics. (Who am I kidding... I will definitely be using the flash! But to get that just right shot, some people say to lose the flash.) Also, I saw these rays of five o'clock light and I decided to grab my camera to see what the rays could do for me. I think the indirect light really make a difference in the eyes. So though this picture is not perfect, would you rate it as "better" than some of my old ones?
Also: Photoshop. Photoshop. Photoshop. Another new language (barrier) that can work wonders on pictures. I am finally learning a few new tricks with layers, filters and saturation. I've been getting some ideas on this very cool blog. The pic of Ellie above was photoshopped. Cropped, darkened around the edges, and I increased the saturation of blue a little. I also added a filter that increased the sharpness. It only took me about a year and 1/2 to learn that. Imagine what I can learn in the next year and 1/2! Ha! I know, I know, take a CLASS you're thinking. I need to do that, but for now I am going to try to be satisfied while learning at a snail's pace. Every picture I take I need to look at as a learning experience, like the ones of Rhett and Ryker, below. My granny always calls me Rosebud, so maybe one of these days, I'll bloom. One more thing.... that gap in Ellie's mouth is pretty much history!

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Heather Keith said...

I love the new blog and I think you are doing a great job on the pics! I could use some tips too!